False Freeze: The Not-So Icy Truth About North Atlanta’s AC


Taylor So

Bundle Up: Junior Emoni Hall wraps up with a fuzzy blanket to battle the tundra-like climate of North Atlanta.

Is it cold in here? For many of the Warriors, North Atlanta has reached artic-like temperatures. Students and staff alike feel the building is air-conditioned at a record low temperature compared to past years, and share no shortage of opinions about the matter. Let’s hear what students and staff say about their experience with the supposed cold front across NAHS.

Despite the summer heat outside, students have described the indoor climate of NAHS as “sweater weather,” leading many to take drastic measures to cope with the temperature shock. Junior Emoni Hall goes as far as to carry a big blanket around campus each day. “I can’t live without it,” said Hall. “Every time I forget to bring it, I can’t help but shiver in all my classes.”

For most of the Dubs, however, preparing for the supposed cold is a tedious task. Freshmen in particular are struggling to adjust to the abrupt temperature fluctuations throughout the eleven stories. Freshman Alexander Chalk often finds himself unprepared to endure the frosty weather during school hours, specifically during instruction. “Being cold in class is like needing to use the restroom,” said Chalk. “Anything the teacher says goes in one ear and out the other.”

Complaints about the temperature aren’t limited to the student body. Faculty and staff are obliged to tolerate the indoor extremes as well. Science Teacher Emily Perling has a lot to say about the arctic-like conditions inside the school. “I dress like it’s winter every day,” said Perling. “An entire section of my wardrobe is dedicated to cold weather wear- not for the outdoors, but the floors of NAHS.” 

Despite the common consensus shared by students and staff alike (it’s cold!), the extreme temperatures could merely be the result of the distribution of AC across all eleven of the stories. “The APS standard of 72 to 74 degrees has stayed the same,” said Operations Director Jason Bross. “Temperature discrepancies are most likely due to the abnormal height of North Atlanta.” 

While the AC seems to be running normally, students and staff remain abnormally cold, from the first floor to the eleventh. So, bundle up Dubs, because despite how cold it may seem, the Wire spirit never fails to power through the eleven stories.