Early Dub Gets The Worm: Warriors Before School


Se'Lah Robinson

Senior Caroline Feagin and Junior William Burke take time before school to catch up with school work.

Before the first bell rings at 8:45, the Warriors of North Atlanta High School have free reign over the city. Many take advantage of this time when the world is their oyster. With all this freedom, where do they go? 

The Dubs have proven to be early risers, with students like junior Sam Tuck waking up as early as 5:45. Sam starts his day at the Carl Sanders YMCA, a gym that might as well be an extension of the school. This is the favorite and most visited gym for the students and North Atlanta has made no effort to stop these dedicated dubs. “I like the silence of the gym, especially before the chaos of school,” Tuck said. 

Others go out to enjoy their favorite breakfast before school. Senior Caroline Clippinger is a regular at Goldberg’s, ending up at the bagel restaurant almost every day before school. While this probably isn’t good for her bank account, it certainly boosts her spirits. “My normal order is probably the everything bagel with chive cream cheese,” she says. “The rest are… acquired tastes.”

Some Warriors just need a caffeine boost to get through the day. Sometimes, this results in being tardy to the first period. This is a common occurrence in the case of Red Mason, a senior at North Atlanta. Their order consists of a cold brew coffee- that’s all. While somewhat terrifying that they can handle Starbucks black coffee plain, this helps them maintain their straight-A student persona. “If I don’t get my coffee in the morning, I am the depiction of lights on, no one’s home.” they said.

Some students even choose to get to school early. For them, there is no substitute for hard work. They prove this by attending before-school tutoring sessions or just sitting in a classroom and completing schoolwork. When given extra time, they focus on what’s important to them. These dedicated students give up sleep in order to work hard, truly encapsulating the spirit of NAHS. Senior Zeynep Law is one of these dedicated students. “I normally get to school early to avoid traffic and work on homework I didn’t have time to do the night before,” she said.

The Warriors are experts in tackling their day before the school day even begins, leading to many stories before eight in the morning. While the teachers may reproach their students walking in with various breakfast orders, they aren’t showing any signs of stopping. After all, how else would they be able to survive the seven hours spent at North Atlanta?