A Feud Between Cousins: Warrior Wire vs. Invictus

Looming over the city of Atlanta, North Atlanta high school is home to over 2,000 students and staff. While classes are held from the first floor to the eleventh, there is one illustrious floor that is home to not one, but two critical journalism pathway classes for the livelihood of North Atlanta. With walls painted with contrasting propaganda, the fourth floor holds a computer lab, and behind the greeting of colorful squares representing the brightest journalists in NAHS sits the hardworking Warrior Wire and Invictus staff.

These two classes play a vital role in covering the atmosphere and culture of North Atlanta throughout the year. The Warrior Wire, our newspaper publication, and Invictus, the yearbook, are better known as feuding cousins. Their historical rivalry is on full display throughout the wire lab, with whiteboards humorously promoting mocking slogans, from “Warrior Wire > Invictus” to “Invictus Rules!”

Although mocking one another is an integral part of journalism culture, the day-to-day business of the respective classes is focused and student-driven. The Warrior Wire spends most of their afternoons expeditiously typing away on their keypads in between rapid-fire student and staff interviews. When the Wire staffers aren’t found in story generation meetings or eating pizza during Distribution Day, they can be found covering the goings on of every inch of North. “I love the spirit the Warrior Wire brings to NAHS. The unique perspective of each writer ensures that every corner of our school is covered and shared with the student body,” said Ella Kaufman, Editor-In-Chief of the Warrior Wire.

Like their siblings, Invictus displays a determined and qualified staff, equipped with photography and design skills and an eye for capturing our student body in all its glory. Filled with color, Dubs culture, and allure, the Invictus staffers never fail to produce a memorable depiction of the NAHS school year. “As a part of Invictus, I love the opportunity to cover all aspects of NAHS through a creative lens,” said junior staff member Cecily Sullivan.

Despite the fiery feud between the two classes, both (even if they would rather not admit it) play crucial roles in covering and portraying authentic NAHS culture. We will now leave it up to the student body of North Atlanta to decide… Who is the most winning? Remember, your opinion could conclude the sibling rivalry of the century.