The ‘NAHS’ at NAHS: The Club for All Things Art


A Heart for Art: Last year’s National Art Honors Society members end the year with the annual induction ceremony.

Did you know that there is a club called NAHS, at NAHS? Yes, it’s true. The diversity at North Atlanta means our school is home to students with a variety of different passions. One of the best options for students with art-related passions is the National Art Honors Society (NAHS). This club is dedicated to allowing students to express themselves and also to use art to improve the lives of others, all while having fun with friends.  

The society has monthly meetings and special events where members are able to form close connections with one another and bond over their shared interest in art. One of the club’s favorite things to do is plan activities that positively affect others; for example, Project Sunflower. Junior and PR Representative, Grace Nyberg, explained that each year, the club creates art in honor of a well-deserving staff member of their choosing. “The recipient we have chosen this year is so helpful and deserving,” said Nyberg. “We are very excited to show our art to the recipient when it is complete.” 

The club also loves planning events that involve North Atlanta students. Most widely known is the club’s Free Art Fridays. Throughout the week, club members create art based on the chosen weekly theme, and then they hide the art around the school. Whoever finds the art gets to keep the piece. The members have begun putting their contact info on the back of their artwork. Junior Ellie Dumont explained that doing so has allowed for those who find the art to connect with the artists, artists gain recognition for their work, it makes the club more widely known, and sometimes even artists get a commission! “Free Art Friday is such a fun event! I always like hearing from people who enjoy my art,” she said. “I’ve even known friends who were asked to commission pieces because of how impressive their Free Art Friday artwork was.”

Building on last year’s success, the National Art Honors Society has big plans for the future. In addition to Project Sunflower and many upcoming Free Art Fridays, Nyberg explained that the club will be hard at work on their magazine. It will include member-designed zentangles (mini abstract collections of patterns that people can color), pictures of members’ pieces, sections on each art class, and pictures from throughout the year. In the past, the magazine has also incorporated pieces on current events like social justice movements and the importance of mental health. “The magazine is a great reflection of what is going on in our club,” Dumont said. “I can’t wait for everyone to see what we are doing this year.” 

Members must earn 30 points in order to be inducted into the society at the end of the year. Points can be earned by going to museums, submitting art to competitions, and attending meetings. If you are an art-loving sophomore or upperclassman and you have taken an art class at North Atlanta, you are encouraged to join! And of course, if you join, you would be considered a member of the “Double NAHS Dub Club.” What could be better than NAHS times two?