Dutiful Dubs: Seniors Take On the Directed Study Pathway


Lydia Scott

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work: Ms. McCall and her student-aid Alonso Ramirez are all smiles for NAHS’ unique class: Directed Study.

For our senior Dubs, being the oldest in the building comes with several privileges. Outside lunch, minimum day, a front spot to cheer in the student section, and a relatively new and unique class: Directed Study. When a senior has completed all credits for graduation and needs a class to fill the gap in their schedule, they can request enrollment in the unconventional academic pathway. In Directed Study, students are given the opportunity to work in various places around the school, whether they are tasked with assisting faculty in daily duties, planning projects, or gaining an edge on career preparation.
Ms. McCall, NAHS’ Library Media Specialist, works with students in the Media Center as part of the pathway program. McCall’s job is nothing short of rigorous: she handles computer distribution, book checkouts, shelving, and library sign-in, among a running list of tasks. Luckily, with the support of Directed Study, she teaches student-aids fundamental organizational and clerical skills while creating a collaborative work and learning environment. “The students this year have advanced extremely quickly,” said Ms. McCall. “They’re amazing and motivated learners, and I couldn’t run the show without them.”
However, teachers aren’t the only ones in the North community who benefit from the advantages of built-in mini-me’s. Enrolled students are appreciative of the opportunity to engage with faculty and learn valuable skills through atypical methods outside of the four walls of a classroom. “I am new to NAHS, so this pathway is such a helpful transition into understanding the school and its staff,” said Sofia Eqoavil, who works alongside athletic director Coach Andre Regan and acts as his proxy when his busy schedule leaves him unavailable. “This role allows me to acquire technical and interpersonal skills in ways I never thought I could be a part of during high school.”
Directed Study prepares students for post-graduate college and career, in North Atlanta fashion (of course). Alonso Ramirez, a Dub who works with McCall in the Media Center, is passionate about the real-world experience he is gaining and how he is encouraged to communicate with his teachers and peers. “I am learning all the skills that come along with this occupation: people, organizational, technical, you name it!” said Ramirez. “Ms. McCall and this pathway have undoubtedly prepared me for an array of future professional endeavors.”
So, for any enthusiastic young Warriors who are counting down the days until your senior year, add enrollment in the Directed Study pathway to your upperclassman bucket list! The ultimate question is, will your class take you to the Media Center, Gym, Front Desk, or beyond? Complete all of your graduation credits, and you just might find out. Onwards, Dubs!