A Vending Void: Vending Machines Go Empty Across NAHS


Taylor So

Vending Veterans: Sophomores Nadia Davis and Karli Chan (literally) grasp onto fond memories of vending machines once filled with snacks.

Vending machines filled with snacks galore once stood (fully stocked) on each of the eleven floors of North Atlanta. Students munched and bags crackled as classrooms filled with morning conversations. It was only a matter of time before the evident electrical buzz of the beloved machines no longer existed within our walls. After a long year without the comfort of a spontaneous treat, a popular opinion has risen among the Warriors: Bring back the snacks!

The widespread attraction for vending machines was thanks to none other than the food inside them. An abundance of Doritos, Goldfish, trail mix, and gummy bears were indefinitely available, even after school hours. Like many hardworking Dubs, sophomore Nadia Davis often stays after school to participate in clubs and extracurriculars. Since lunch ends hours before clubs start, she often finds herself starving by the 3:45 pm bell. “On the days I stay for debate, I reminisce on the good old days when I could just grab a bag of trail mix,” said Davis.

Nonetheless, the Warriors persevered. Several students have started their businesses selling food around the school. Instead of taking the long trek to find the nearest vending machine, they can purchase snacks from a fellow Dub. However, sophomore Kendall Lawson and many others have found this compromise to be a scam. “It costs me five dollars to buy a bag of chips now,” said Lawson. “If we still had vending machines, I wouldn’t be breaking the bank for a mid-day snack.”

Aside from the majority of North Atlanta, there is still a handful of students who can live in the absence of snacks. Sophomore Sophia Rose believes the constant access to vending machines contributed to a commonality of unhealthy habits among her peers. “As much as I love Doritos and Sun Chips, it wasn’t ideal for my gut health,” said Rose.

Even if vending machines aren’t particularly essential to the life of a Dub, their absence hasn’t been forgotten. Whether it’s for grabbing a quick snack after school or cutting down on snack spending, stocked vending machines undoubtedly fill a void in the life of the Dubs. There’s no telling when or if they will make a comeback, but if they do, the Warriors won’t hesitate to dig in.