The Doe-Dub Connection: North Atlanta Coach Brings Energy Back to Football and Track


Keeva Linton

Battle on the Hill: Coach Doe leads the JV dubs to dominant home victory against cross town rival in South Atlanta.

With the recent emergence of North Atlanta sports, one question still remains. Who is at the forefront of the rapidly changing sports culture? While there are countless people you could label as the architects of this turnaround, from players to coaches to administrators, one person stands above the rest: Coach Bryce Doe. 

Coach Doe does it all as head coach of the track and field team and assistant on a menacing North Atlanta football team. This year marks his fourth with the Dubs, but he is no stranger to the field, being a coach for almost a decade. He began his coaching career with stints at Osborne and Wheeler before finding his home at North Atlanta. The daunting 11 stories was unfamiliar territory to him, but he was beyond excited for the challenge. “It was a new school with a lot of unknowns,” Doe said. “However, I was intrigued by the diverse community and all the bells and whistles that go along with it.”

With his arrival, the track and field team found immediate success, winning the region in his first full season at the helm after having his inaugural campaign cut short by the pandemic. He then followed up his illustrious 2021 victory with a repeat in 2022. “Looking at the school’s history, track and field championships were few and far between,” Doe said. “So to get the first of many was an indescribable feeling.”

Doe has been around sports his whole life, playing football and track throughout his youth. He attended college at Clark Atlanta University, a local HBCU, with a scholarship allowing him to play both sports at the next level. “I have always loved sports as I am competitive in nature,” he said. “They say do what you love, so I just stuck with it.”

Doe loves everything about sports, from the competition and hard work, to the reward of a win on a Friday night. Despite his devotion to athletics, Doe is not in it for the championships. “I love seeing a kid get better at something they work hard on. That has to be my favorite and most rewarding part about coaching, ” he said.

As the JV football head coach, he witnesses this development firsthand. These close-knit relationships have allowed Doe to build an unbreakable bond with many of his players. “I love Coach Doe,” said sophomore linebacker Brody Holloran. “He is always cracking jokes, but at the end of the day will do whatever it takes to put one of his players in a successful position.”

Doe is a one-of-a-kind man, coach, and personality. Beloved by his players and fellow coaches, he has already positively impacted the lives of so many in his community. “I want to change lives through sports,” said Doe. “I want people to find their calling just as I found mine all those years ago.”