Tyree Myles: Front-Line Fighter

Dub Star Life: Player Spotlight

Name: Tyree Myles, Senior

Team: Dubs Football

Position: Guard / Nose Guard (G)

Number: #56

Best part of playing with his teammates / representing his school: “Going to war with the other teams.”

Biggest playing highlight: “No question it was the time I pancaked two players at once when I was just a sophomore.”

Key hype song before games: “Who is Nardo Wick?” (Nardo Wick) – Whole Album / “Ain’t got to turn on demon mode its automatic”

Funny quote from coach: “Pistol Right Roger Kick” – Coach Aull


North Atlanta’s offensive line, led by Myles, have been the team’s unsung hero all year long, earning him a Dub Star Life Player Spotlight.