How Sweep It Is: Dubs Softball Crowned Regional Champs for Third Consecutive Year


Keeva Linton

Catching Dubs: North Atlanta Softball complete their regional three-peat.

There is dominance, and then there is the North Atlanta girls’ softball team. Dating back to September 2, 2019, the Dubs have gone undefeated, a perfect 31-0 in region play. This year, with new regional opponents, North Atlanta has remained untouchable. They have made no exceptions to softball powerhouses St. Pius and Marist, beating both twice (4-0) with a combined run differential of 35-7.

The added pressure of a win streak of this magnitude would be too much for most teams, but for the Warriors, pressure makes the Diamond Dubs. In just ten regional games this season, North Atlanta has put up an astonishing 111 runs while only letting across 14. During this span, the team has had incredibly dominant performances, including a 22-0 shutout, where the girls put up 22 runs in the first two innings and a mercy ruling over South Cobb after just three. “When we are at our best, we truly believe no one can beat us,” said star junior Taylor Ryan. “We are focused on bringing the hardware home, and no one is going to stop us.”

Headlined by a strong group of seniors, the team is built for both the present and the future. With a mix of under and upperclassmen, North Atlanta shows no sign of slowing down and leaving their place atop their region, a position they have held for three years running. While the Dubs make sweeping the region look easy, it is not a simple task. The team works around the clock to train, practice, and play with the level of consistency that North Atlanta has come to expect from them. “There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes that makes this team what we are,” said junior Leela Langston. “It is all worth it at the end of the day, especially if we can go all the way.” 

After claiming its third straight regional title, the road ahead looks clear for the Dubs. With 10 games left until the playoffs, they are looking to keep their foot on the gas and continue to put “W’s” in the win column. “Even with all of our success this season, we know we are built for what comes next,” said Langston. “The streak is nice, but we are looking forward not back.”

As Head Coach Ricky Plante leads the team through the rest of the regular season and into the playoffs, they have one thing on their mind: revenge. An abrupt ending to their 2021 season continues to fuel their dominant 2022 campaign as the girls are ready to add a trophy to the trophy case and state championship rings to their fingers.