The Dubs Love Clubs: Abundance of After-School Activities Offered at NAHS


Sydney Braxton

One of our very own smiling Warriors with a poster for one of the many amazing clubs offered at NAHS.

Do you feel you have nothing to do after school? Do you long to do an activity that piques your interest? Look no further. Here at NAHS, there is never a dull moment, in large part due to the wide range of clubs and activities offered here. Whatever you may be interested in, rest assured you’ll be able to find a club for it at North Atlanta.

Saying that NAHS offers a variety of clubs would be a bit of an understatement. From academic decathlon to Best Buddies, and even a fashion club, it seems that the list of activities available to students is never-ending. One of the most popular clubs at North Atlanta is Black Student Union (BSU). One aspect that makes BSU unique is its openness and acceptance of members of all backgrounds. BSU offers a safe space for students to come together in discussion. Club activities include exploring people’s personal opinions, and discussing current topics, events, and tropes on the black community. Its membership is open and inclusive to all students. “Black Student Union is a safe space for all races to come together,” said Grace Jacobs, the co-president of BSU. “This club offers a space for students to speak openly about their experiences and opinions.” 

A lesser known (but just as amazing) NAHS club is the Fashion Club. This club allows students to embrace their love of clothing and all things fashion. They can make textile designs that are then applied to shirts, hoodies, socks, sneakers, and many other materials. Junior Diana Mansouri is the production manager of the fashion club. She loves being a part of the club, mostly because of how interactive it is. However, she wishes more people knew about the fashion club, especially guys. “Fashion club is great because of the variety of things we do,” she said. “In the spring we will have a fashion show. We have a lot we have to plan and execute before then, such as picking fabrics, choosing songs, managing lighting, and so much more.”

A club that has been getting more and more recognition as of late is the ever-impressive mock trial club. In this club, teams of students come together and study different types of cases, prepare for future competitions, and even learn about (and then use) terms that real lawyers use in court. “Mock trial is so fun, interesting, and interactive. I like it because I am considering pursuing a law career, so this exposes me to what a real trial would look like,” said junior Jordyn Hawk, a member of mock trial. “I recommend it for anyone who’s even slightly interested in law.”

It is easy to see that students are involved with all of the clubs North Atlanta has to offer. Whether you have a passion for fashion or a dream for the robotics team, any student is sure to find at least one club that fits their interest. It is safe to say that the Dubs have a love for clubs.