A Sad Subtraction: Math Teacher Adrienne Carter Prepares to Leave NAHS


Lydia Scott

Waving Farewell: After five years, math teacher Ms. Carter embarks on a bittersweet last year at NAHS.

Every core subject needs a core teacher — and Adrienne Carter, a mathematics teacher at North Atlanta, is one of many stellar examples. However, after five years of teaching in the 11 stories, Carter is preparing to leave NAHS come the end of the 2022-23 school year. Beyond her sharp mind for addition and multiplication, Carter’s compassionate spirit and excellence in her craft make her a vital asset in education.

Carter has been teaching for 29 years, working in various schools across Dekalb and Gwinnett, ranging from private to public to charter. While working at Clarkson High School in Dekalb, she met the current North Atlanta principal, Mr. Curtis Douglass, who (at the time) worked as a special ED teacher. A few years later – when preparing to move to the other side of town – she looked to see if North Atlanta had any openings. Luckily for her, it did. “Coming to work in this wonderful learning environment was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said Carter. “NAHS is a place where I’m able to help my students thrive every day.”

When Carter first started teaching, her initial objective was to make everyone love math the way she adored the subject. However, after seeing the mental effects of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, Ms. Carter widened her focus. Now, she works to ensure math is achievable for all students and strives to foster a positive classroom environment. “Younger people are dealing with so many things these days,” said Carter. “So, beyond anything, I want the students to know that Ms. Carter loves them.”

Carter plans to retire from the classroom in the classical sense and work with students in a different capacity, looking into roles as a guidance counselor or graduation coach. She has a degree in leadership and wants to use it to work with students and keep them on track for success. After all, her favorite thing about teaching is the bonds she builds with her students. “Hearing that my students feel safe to grow their mathematical skills is one of my favorite parts of my job,” said Carter. “Their kindness and hard work mean the world to me.”

In her time at North Atlanta, Carter has been a superstar addition to the math program, and many Dubs will miss seeing her familiar face on the 8th floor. Regardless, all good things must end, and the students and faculty of NAHS wish her luck with whatever she tackles next!