Labor Day Away: The Last Hurrah of Summer


Maddox Wade

Dubs enjoy the white sands of seaside, which pair perfectly with 30a’s famous grilled cheese as they say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

The inaugural weeks back to school can seem dull and tedious compared to the freedom of summer. Just five weeks in, students and staff alike are given their first escape from the monotony of the school year: Labor Day. This holiday provides Dubs and staff a much-needed break from their hard work and marks the end of summer for many as we shift gears towards fall.

Although short, many Dubs use their long weekend to visit their favorite summer vacation spot one last time before winter settles in. Among these favorite places is Seaside, Florida. Despite the six-hour drive, Students can be found lounging on the beaches’ soft white sands at almost any opportunity – minus those in the frigid winter months. Clear blue waters, sunny skies, and the promise of seeing friends galore make for no shortage of things to do. “The shortness of the break does make for a little bit of a time crunch, but the drive is still worth it for a Meltshop grilled cheese and time with friends!” said junior and Seaside enthusiast Blair Rubinger.

Labor Day vacationers looking to spend a little less time on the road set their sights on one of Georgia’s many beautiful lakes, such as Burton, Rabun, or Hartwell. Junior Chase Hankin is a proud veteran of Hartwell, as his family makes the trip up north every year to carry on their Labor Day tradition. Despite the variety of watersports, boating activities, and swimming available, one can almost always count on their range of activities being limited by the sheer amount of lake goers. Hankin, however, believes this aspect isn’t always a bad thing. “Sure, it’s annoying when the lake gets crowded to have to worry about other boats and activities, but it can also make things more fun,” said Hankin. “Who doesn’t love the extra challenge of running through another boat’s wake while tubing or waterskiing!”

The passing of the first holiday of the school year serves as a reminder to many that the adjustment period to school has ended. The class curriculum has finally completed its shift from icebreakers and syllabi to in-depth projects and assignments. The easygoing nature of the summer months is officially over as we look forward to the fall season. Not only does this season promise sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and a view of amber and crimson leaves from the windowed halls of NAHS, but Dubs also set their sights on the next of several breaks just one month away.