Powderpuff Preview: What’s to Come from the Annual Football Rivalry?


Mady Mertens

As the much anticipated Powderpuff game nears, the competition heats up, and the grade to grade rivalry grows greater than ever. Which grade will beat out the others, and obtain the ultimate victory?

With homecoming week in full swing, many of the lady dubs had only one thing on their minds: powderpuff. For those unfamiliar with the term, think football, but instead of boys in uniform, the gals take over, engaging in a flag football game that for many, and the boys take to the sidelines with pom poms in hand. Powderpuff is a treasured tradition at North Atlanta where each grade goes head to head, in a bracket-style tournament. As game day approaches, the four teams are partaking in everything from early morning practices to weekend run-throughs to the creation of numerous plays that, for now, will remain disclosed. As competition heats up, the division among grade levels grows, and these girls prepare for arguably the most important sporting event of the year at NAHS.

Last year, the Class of 2024 (sophomores at the time) took the DUB, an exciting outcome for them, but a terror for every other grade. Seniors always crave the win, but this year, it is safe to say they are more committed than ever, refusing to let any  younger succeed again. It is their last shot at victory, and this eager class refuses to go down without a fight, hoping that all their hard work pays off. “We are going to win this year, I just feel it,” senior Liza Fagin said, “we are more determined than ever, and have big things planned. No other grade has a chance.” 

On the surface, powderpuff is supposed to be a fun and unifying game, but as the years have progressed (and desire for victory has increased) students have begun to look at this as much more than that, taking the game incredibly seriously. While the other grades refuse to let the now juniors earn the title of back-to-back champions, the Class of 2024 is working hard to get another win under their belts. “All I can say is we are looking even better than last year,” junior Maggie Andreski said, “I do not doubt that we will continue our winning streak.” 

While some class rivalries have been developing for a few years, North Atlanta freshmen are still adjusting to high school, and those who decided to participate in Powderpuff are anxiously awaiting game day, where they will likely witness competition like they have never seen before. “I didn’t expect it to be this serious, but once you’re in it, there’s no going back,” said freshman Genevieve Sharma. “I’m excited to see what happens, and who knows? Maybe the freshman will surprise everyone with a win.” 

As the much-anticipated game gets closer and closer, the teams are finalizing their plays, getting their game faces on, and becoming the best team they can be. All to outplay and outshine the other grades, hoping to win the ultimate title of “North Atlanta’s 2022 Powderpuff Champion”.