Nearing The Finish Line: Seniors Reflect On Their Final Year


Monumental Moments: As the months pass by, seniors spend each minute stretching time and making memories as they approach the finish line.

Four years ago, the Class of 2023 walked the halls of North Atlanta for the first time. At that moment, their whole lives laid ahead of them in anticipation of high school. However, as it goes, time does fly by, and this year marks their concluding year as North Atlanta Warriors.

For many of our fellow Dubs, this incites fear of the future and excitement for endless experiences. “I have mixed emotions about graduating this year,” said senior Evan Owens, “The time passed by so quickly.”

Varied opinions arise as students prepare to enter the unknown, with both optimistic and pessimistic outlooks on the future. Rush wreaks havoc, majors make students manic, and thoughts of leaving home make the Dubs feel down. However, not all find it so intimidating. Instead, they are eager to move out and move on. “I want to get as far away from home as possible,” senior Eliza Huntz said. “I am excited for a new place with new people.”

Senior students spend this year saying goodbye and relishing in the moment before the festivities of high school conclude. But don’t fret soon-to-be graduates, it’s not over yet. Events like prom, parties, sports and special senior celebrations are yet to come. “I’m excited and bitter for my last soccer season,” said senior Emily Creaven. “I have made a lot of great memories with my team that I don’t want to leave behind.”

A send-off allows seniors to reminisce on their past years and reflect on the ones to follow. As students look back, they recall the highs and lows of their journey through 12 years of education. Great stories and experiences, such as fun-filled school events, favorite teachers, and childhood friends, find their way into the minds of departing Dubs. “It’s funny the things we can remember,” said Senior Liza Fagin. “In fourth grade, I did the most push-ups out of everyone in my class. I remember being – and continue to be – so proud.”

This May, the graduating class will be sent out into the world to conquer college, careers, family, and beyond. The prospect of this launch instills faith and fear in each familiar face. With college applications being submitted and stress levels going up, the Dubs are getting ready to peace out.