A United Atlanta: New Beltline Addition Runs Through NAHS District


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Forging a New Path: Plans are finalized for the construction of the remaining part of the Atlanta Beltline, which will run directly through the NAHS District.

For most Atlanta residents, the Beltline is a common place to visit if you want to explore the city on foot. Spanning 22 miles, it is a beautiful place to spend time outdoors with friends and family – and continues to expand throughout our urban metropolis. A new plan set for the section that runs through Buckhead and North Atlanta was recently announced, opening up walkable paths adjacent to the eleven stories. Trails will run along areas inside the school district, most notably along Peachtree Creek and over Howell Mill. Construction has arrived after years of debate on where the expansion would take place, opening up ample opportunities for Dubs to get outside before winter arrives.

Although it is not widely known to tourists, the Beltline makes up a significant part of Atlanta’s culture. Perhaps one of the most popular areas of the pathway is in Midtown – The Ponce City Market. You can find restaurants, clothing stores, and an assortment of outdoor activities there. If you’re looking to explore, bike tours are available to peddle around the city. For those who enjoy working out, multiple free fitness classes and weekend races are held daily. “Ponce City Market is a great place to go to in my free time,” said junior Avery Braswell. “I enjoy getting delicious food and having fun with my friends.”

With such an active student body, North Atlanta students often talk about their love for the public pathway. One student, in particular, junior Grace Fors, utilizes the Beltline for several purposes. “I love taking my dog on walks on the Beltline every few weeks,” she said. “I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember, and I can confidently say that there is nothing like the Atlanta Beltline.”

This new addition to the Buckhead area is the last segment of the Beltline to undergo construction. The add-on will allow easier access to Midtown and other parts of Atlanta without contributing to roadway traffic. Construction has not started, but the final draft has been sent out for inspection and construction purposes. Dubs, we will soon have ample opportunities to outside and get moving.