Coach Hutchings Guides Girl’s Tennis to Greatness


Hard Work Pays Off: Coach Mike Hutchings and last year’s seniors smile after winning State Championship.

Under the guidance of Head Tennis Coach Mike Hutchings and Coach Sarah Rhodes, the girl’s Varsity tennis team had a very successful 2022 season, winning the tennis State Championship in Rome, Georgia. Last year’s season was full of achievements; however, not every NAHS tennis season has ended so victoriously.

Coach Hutchings has been involved in tennis for the majority of his life. Growing up, he played ALTA, where he discovered his love for the sport. For the past 31 years, Hutchings has successfully coached young tennis players. In 2014, after honing his skills at several schools, Hutchings took over North Atlanta’s female tennis program. He has since considerably improved the quality of the program and the skill of the athletes within it. Over the past eight years, he has strived to implement his personal coaching system, one he feels contributes to the team’s stability and success. Hutchings’ system includes many changes to the program, including bringing on Coach Rhodes, preaching consistency in practice, and instilling a winning culture. “I use a systematic approach to coaching,” he said. “We do the same skill over and over until I think the kids have confidence in the skills they are using.”

Hutchings’ approach to coaching is seen in many aspects of the team, from athletes’ interactions with one another to overall team chemistry. Hutchings ensures that the best tennis players are out on the court, but he also encourages all players to grow and improve their game. Junior Sydney Brantley explained that his guidance has propelled the team forward and created a close bond between the players. “We are a team on the court, but Coach Hutchings helped bring us together off the court, too,” she said. “He helped build friendships by finding things we all had in common outside of tennis.”

In a moment of reflection, Hutchings shared his satisfaction with last year’s accomplishments. His coaching and rapport with the team throughout the season allowed them to gel at the right time. “It was nice to see all of our hard work pay off in the end with a championship,” he said.  

While Hutchings was undoubtedly happy with the state championship, he’s not one to rest on his laurels. His dedication to the Dubs and the changes that he has implemented has given the tennis program the direction it needs to compete at a high level as it advances. Despite his confidence in the team’s ability to improve and achieve, he stressed the importance of rebuilding this year following the loss of four powerful seniors. With his coaching, this team is bound to keep up the excellent work. Go Lady Tennis Dubs!