Match Made In Heaven: Chad Langley and His Emotional Support Dog


Furry Friends: Chad Langley and Edgar are the best duo at NAHS.

Picture this: You’re walking the halls, moving from one class to another when suddenly you see a puppy walking down the hall. For NAHS students, this actually happens. Meet Edgar: American Literature teacher Chad Langley’s emotional support pup. Mr. Langley and Edgar, a miniature pinscher chihuahua, met in March 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Langley was living in Oregon and was seeking to foster a dog. He was on a website that matched animals to parents based on personality. He and Edgar were indeed the perfect pair. “When I realized Edgar and I were the perfect match, I knew I had to have him!” Langley said. 

Langley suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Edgar provides companionship needed throughout the day to help relieve this stress. Not only does Edgar support Mr. Langley, but he also assists students with their own obstacles, being the furry reassurance everyone needs to get through the day. “Edgar makes a school day much more bearable,” he said. “He supports my students and me!” 

Edgar has built a mutual relationship with students. When he wants attention, he sends signals. For example, Edgar will walk over to someone and put his paws on them as a sign to pick him up. Langley allows students to hold and pet Edgar when he is comfortable. Students are careful to be respectful of Edgar’s space within the classroom. “I make sure students are aware of his job, and they are great at respecting boundaries,” Langley said. “I have not had any problems so far.” 

Langley’s planning period is during second period on both A days and B days, making it the perfect time to take Edgar on walks. Many students see Langley and Edgar on their daily walks around the campus. Edgar takes care of “business” and Langley gets some fresh air. “This time allows Edgar and me to have a few moments of bliss before the chaos of the rest of the day ensues,” he said. “It is essential for both of us!” 

Langley and Edgar are two peas in a pod that were destined to meet. Now they make the perfect pair, with Edgar providing both Mr. Langley and the rest of the students with the much-needed relief that comes with seeing a furry face. What they say is true: dogs really are a man’s best friend.