Dubs to Dawgs: Where Are They Now?


Former Dub Chloe Fernandes made the switch from Atlanta to Athens this fall.

After four years of hard work and dedication, many of the graduating Dubs have the opportunity to spend their next four years at the flagship institution of the University of Georgia. With over 30 thousand undergraduate students and programs from finance, to international affairs, to agribusiness, UGA has a place for every North Atlanta graduate that sets foot on its hallowed campus. UGA is also home to over 600 student clubs, a huge Greek life community, and the 2021 National Championship-winning football team. It’s safe to say that students at UGA have a lot to be proud of. 

Emelia Fernandes (℅ 2022) started her freshman year at UGA this past August and has loved every minute of it. Fernandes intends to major in marketing after being well prepared for the rigor of college classes, all thanks to the boatload of work North Atlanta’s IB Diploma Programme required of her. Fernandes is part of Greek life, and loves all of the opportunities to meet new people that her sorority has provided her with, frat parties included. She enjoys the overall social atmosphere of UGA’s campus, which makes it easy to meet all kinds of new people as a freshman. “My favorite thing about UGA is how supportive and understanding everyone around me has been during our transition into freshman year,” Fernandes said. 

Chloe Fernandes (℅ 2022) started her freshman year at UGA alongside her twin sister Emelia this fall. Although they are happy to be going to the same college, they both wanted to branch out by living in different dorms with new roommates, joining different sororities, and pursuing different majors. The variety of social opportunities that UGA provides, especially Greek life, made this transition very smooth for them. Fernandes intends to pursue a major in psychology, which she developed an interest in because of the clubs she participated in at North Atlanta, including Hope Squad and the Mental Health Awareness Club. Her favorite parts of UGA are being part of a huge student body, and the beautiful campus. “All of the walks to my classes are so pretty, and are great exercise,” Fernandes said. “I also love watching the sunset over the football stadium.” 

Jack Moriarty (℅ 2021) is in his sophomore year at UGA and is already enjoying the same opportunities and school experience that his freshman year provided him with. Moriarty lives off campus this year, but still enjoys the social environment of UGA’s campus and downtown Athens. As a lifelong Georgia Bulldogs fan, Moriarty especially enjoys attending games with his friends and boasting about UGA’s 2021 National Championship title to anyone who does not share his loyalties. Moriarty intends to major in finance and wants to pursue a minor in sports journalism/media to channel his passion for UGA’s athletics while continuing his love of writing that began as a Warrior Wire staffer. “Aside from a graduation requirement English class, you don’t get any more help with writing essays, so I still use a lot of the things I learned in AP Lang, IB Lit, and Journalism at North Atlanta in my essays,” said Moriarty.

The experience of North Atlanta graduates at UGA shows that this campus has all kinds of opportunities that make its giant student body seem just a little bit smaller with a space for everyone. We wish the best of luck to all of the Dubs applying to UGA and other amazing universities this year!