Shining So Bright: Silver Stars Dance Team Takes the Night Away


Mia Stimpson

Silver Stars take on Friday Night Lights. Top row left to right: Kennedi McKeever, Saniah Despinosse, Jada Lewis, Khloe Smith, Yv Tchouta. Bottom row left to right: Tuezdea Clarke, Skylar Simpson, Akina Lemoria, Myah Taylor, Abrinna Heath.

It’s another Friday night football game at Henderson Stadium in Midtown. The crowd roars, commentators shout through the intercom, and proud parents jump out of their seats. As the band plays and cheerleaders run flags down the track, a team dances together in the stands, shining bright: The Silver Stars. 

The Silver Stars dance team has been a rich part of North Atlanta athletics for decades. Making regular appearances at football game half-time shows and pep rallies, dedication and experience carries their skillful execution. Sophomore Jada Lewis, a first-year Silver Star, understands the challenges of a skilled dancer. “Some days are harder than others, but doing what I love most is what motivates me,” said Lewis.

While routines are only one of the many highlights of the Silver Star team, their sisterhood is the foundation of their coordination. The Stars practice together five days a week and dance alongside one another at games and performances. A Silver Star veteran of two years, junior Saniah Despinosse has created close ties with her fellow dance mates. “One of my favorite things about the team is the bond we build,” said Despinosse. “I’ll always remember my sisters.”

You can spot The Silver Stars at the front of the bleachers at football games, below the Marching Warriors band. Junior Myah Taylor, leading the girls through dances and songs, stands at the point of their formation. The captain of the Silver Stars team, Taylor upholds the strength of a Warrior leader. “The responsibility I have is significant,” said Taylor. “I have to make decisions that impact the performance of all the other girls on my team.”

The Silver Stars team comprises ten girls, led by an expert who has recruited talented dancers over the years. Coach Jordan Carter, a former Silver Star herself, recognizes the team for their poise and sophistication on the field. “It overjoys me to see young ladies thrive through the art of dance as I once did,” said Carter.

The Silver Stars value their hard work and passion for dance, on and off the field. With a long-lasting legacy, North Atlanta cheers them on as they continue to shine bright.