When Did It Become Uncool to Have School Spirit?



Seniors in the front rows cheer on their classmates whilst grades in the rows behind lack energy and conviction to even face the Warriors. Dubs, it’s time to up the spirit.

From Homecoming week to Friday Night Lights, school events are supposed to be fun. Student representatives and staff put in hours of effort to conquer school spirit in students – though rarely do Dubs respond with equal enthusiasm. Since when is it uncool to have school spirit?

Warriors – silence and the student section are not synonymous. Cheers, themes, and all-out audience participation to boost team morale define school spirit…, or so you’d expect. This year’s student section is frankly disappointing. Featured in the front rows, the seniors are the only class that can save us from complete and total embarrassment. Game after game, they are forced to risk fried vocal cords to compensate for the underclassmen’s lack of enthusiasm. Our football team has fought hard for their spot, and they deserve our whole show of support.

This attitude carries into pep rallies. After two school years defined by the Covid-19 pandemic, pep rallies are finally back on the docket of school events. The first rally turned into a snooze fest, which should have been an opportunity for students to have a good time celebrating the NAHS community. Sophomores and juniors with licenses chose to go home early while the remaining students sat on their phones, paying little attention to the proceedings. Once again, seniors saved the day, providing the energy missing from the rest of the classes. It can’t be school spirit if the whole school doesn’t participate. What will we do next year once the class of 23′ graduates?

From Promposals to shopping for fun outfits, the homecoming dance is a coveted event for high schoolers across the nation. Yet, for some reason, most Dubs forsake this opportunity altogether. Students outside of NAHS are baffled when they learn that many North Atlanta students don’t attend the dance at all, despite it being the center of high school-targeted pop culture. On the contrary, we all jump at the chance to participate in prom or PDC, so why do we overlook the one dance made to support school spirit?

The Dubs have lots to be proud of, and it’s time to start showing it. It’s no fun to sit on the sidelines and have no fun, Warriors.