Squeaky Clean: NAHS Custodians Cover the Eleven Stories


Catherine Townsend

A Sparkling NAHS: Through the hard work of the North Atlanta custodial staff, the beauty of North Atlanta is truly a Dub.

On any given day, you can see the towering eleven stories of North Atlanta looming over the urban scape. With its floor-to-ceiling windows and the glistening pond, it seems to lure the eyes of onlookers as a siren seduces an angler to the sea. While the sheer size of the building is impressive, the inside proves to be just as dramatic. Windows provide rays of light that shine through the school’s white and gray tiled floors. The knowledge of NAHS proves to be no more, either. As students travel throughout the school, an array of reds, blues, greens, and yellows of changing leaves greet them, leaving no room for dull spaces. 

The sensory-pleasing aspects of NAHS are just some things that embellish the culture and identity of North Atlanta – and the talented, essential janitorial staff of North Atlanta is a fundamental contributor to our allure. From the little details, such as checking doors on campus, fixing lights, and cleaning the bathrooms, to critical information, such as running lighting for the entire school, making sure that plumbing is functional, and even keeping the students of North Atlanta safe from harm. Without the custodial staff working as hard as they do on tasks of all scales, the day-to-day operations of the Dub’s home would not be the same. “Every time I walk into school or the classrooms, I notice how clean and orderly NAHS is,” said junior Malley Coogan. “Without the custodial staff, I know I would not be able to learn in such a safe, inspiring work environment.” 

Joel Aitkens, Lead Operations Manager of the custodian staff, is no stranger to the ins and outs of the functions of a school – one could even call him an expert. Two years ago, he was employed with North Atlanta as a custodian and was soon promoted to Site Manager at Sutton Middle School’s Sixth Grade Campus. Returning to North Atlanta for the 2022 school year, Aitkens oversees the custodian staff in its entirety. Unfortunately, some days are not as cohesive as others. “I love when the day runs smoothly, and one of the biggest obstacles to this routine is vandalism,” said Aitkens. “It puts a big strain on my staff because there are a lot of tasks to complete without interferences like destruction to the building.” 

The North Atlanta building runs at 100 percent excellence thanks to Aitken and his hardworking team. Students of all grades, ages, and interests can learn and create in an environment that embodies Dub’s spirit – so next time you see one of our custodian staff, give them a big thanks, Warriors.