Autumn Art: Spooky Season Inspires NAHS Artists


Lydia Scott

Halloween Breeds Creativity: NAHS artists take to the halls with National Art Honor Society – and outside of school with October-themed artistic events.

Unique costumes, scary makeup, and festive decorations – all components of one of the year’s most creative months: October. Several of North Atlanta’s student body members have an affinity for art, and they intend to take full advantage of the month’s creativity by creating and participating in several Halloween-inspired art projects this fall season.

The National Art Honors Society, a club for art lovers and enthusiasts, is hosting a Halloween chalk art event on October 26 in the school courtyard. The event’s goal is to decorate the patio with spooky and fall-themed chalk art pieces and allow club members to bond and socialize outside their typical meetings. Grace Nyberg, PR Representative of the National Art Honors Society, is beyond excited to get students involved. “I mainly work with mixed media combining painting and collages, so working with chalk will be slightly different,” said Nyberg. “Regardless, I’m eager to see what spooky ideas the other club members come up with.”

One of the most popular events is a month-long artistic celebration known as Inktober, an art challenge in which artists create different pieces of artwork that reflect other prompts each day of October. Junior Kira Watkins is a firm lover of the event, and although she doesn’t participate every single day, she still enjoys creating the pieces whenever she gets the chance. Watkins works with acrylic paint or watercolors and enjoys creating fall-inspired doodles. “Inktober gives you something to do even if you’re mentally blocked,” said Watkins. “Most of the time, I find inspiration from the prompts and automatically know what I want to create. It’s great because it gives my mind a break to run free.”

Other artists like to take a more literal approach with their Halloween-inspired art, even going as far as to incorporate the infamous vegetable of the season: the pumpkin. Senior Hampton Sapp has been doing art since he was young and has worked with various mediums, such as charcoal and sewing. Sapp’s favorite medium to work with is wood — both burning and carving. For this fall season, Sapp is interested in seeing how the art of cutting wood translates into carving pumpkins. “I think using various colors of pumpkins and gourds could create an interesting composition,” said Sapp. “Carving pumpkins might be a bit more difficult than wood, but I want to see what I can do with it.”

Whether the art is spooky or sweet, it’s no doubt that NAHS students are making the most of the beloved fall aesthetics. So, even if you have no experience, try to participate in this artistic autumn – especially since the ultimate test of creativity, Halloween, is right around the corner. The only question is: will your costume be a trick… or a treat?