Comeback of the Century: Seniors Take the Dub in Their Final Year of Powderpuff


Virginia Brewer

Seniors on Top: The class of 2023 basks in the glory of their incredible win

Powderpuff: One of NAHS’s most beloved traditions. Every year most North Atlanta students gather to watch, or play in, the ever-so-glorious annual Powderpuff flag football competition. After many morning and afternoon practices, strategic plays, position switches, and more, each grade was ready to bring it their all on competition day. This ruthless tournament is quite intense; every grade wants to storm the field and prove their domination. Along with the games were food trucks, a DJ, and more fun to make this year’s Powderpuff the best NAHS has seen. 

The first game was a showdown between the underclassmen grades of North Atlanta: the Freshmen vs. the Sophomores. Both teams brought the heat, but only one came out victorious. Sophomore quarterback, Vicky Carlucci, led the team to victory with a pass to wide receiver Lucia Touwsma for a touchdown to win the game 6-0. The sophomores would now face either the juniors or the seniors in the finals. “It was super exciting to win that first game, and it felt like we had already won the whole thing,” said sophomore wide receiver Georgia Jones. “We were happy with or without the champion title because all we really wanted was to beat the freshmen. 

The second game was a fierce match-up between the upperclassmen grades: the Juniors (last year’s champs) vs. the Seniors. Tensions were high as the class of 2023 had never won a single game, let alone the entire competition, in their high school career, making them more than determined to win in their final year at NAHS. It was a tough game, but the seniors ultimately came out with a win. Junior quarterback Maggie Andreski was sad about the loss but knows the juniors have another year to regain their title. “It was upsetting to lose after winning last year,” she said. “We tried our best and I am proud of how hard we fought.  

The championship game was certainly entertaining to both watch and play. The sophomore boys cheered from their student section in the bleachers while the seniors cheered from atop the hill. The game came down to whose offense clicked the best and who wanted the win more. In the end, the seniors were much more determined and came out with the dub, the final score being 15-6. Senior running back Hannah O’byrne dominated every game with her unstoppable runs. She was given the game ball and the much-coveted title of Most Valuable Player. “Winning PowderPuff was one of the best moments of senior year so far,” said O’byrne. “Going from having never scored a touchdown in previous years to winning the whole tournament this year was incredible for everyone on the team.”  

As the Seniors enjoy their year of bragging rights, the rest of the grades are gearing up for redemption, hopeful of taking the Powderpuff champions title next year. Although no one can be sure who will take this title home, one thing’s guaranteed, this beloved tradition is not going anywhere.