From Dub to Dawg: Star Soccer Player Virginia Odom Commits to UGA


From Diapers to D1: Virginia Odom is ready to take her soccer career to the next level at the University of Georgia.

“Going D1” is a goal many athletes can only attain in their dreams. Committing to playing a sport in college is a massive achievement and takes years of hard work and dedication. Senior Virginia Odom has scored herself a D1 soccer scholarship to the University of Georgia. Odom, a left-back for the Varsity Dubs Soccer Team and the Concorde Fire ECNL Platinum Team, has made her dreams a reality after over a decade of devotion and sacrifice for her sport.

Odom started playing soccer at age three and knew from the start that it was her passion and future. She began to take it seriously at age ten after switching from Concorde Fire to Tophat Soccer Academy. While Odom’s experience at Tophat was “some of the hardest times of my [Odom’s] life,” she progressed a lot and realized playing soccer in college was the end-all-be-all for her. So, she returned to Concorde Fire and never looked back. “I moved back to Concorde when I was 13,” said Odom. “I fell back in love with soccer and was sure I wanted to play collegiately.” 

At first, Odom had verbally committed to play at Florida State University (FSU). However, after a few months, she started to have serious doubts about FSU being the right place for her, and then, coincidentally, the head coach quit. “This kind of felt like divine intervention for me, as if God was telling me this was my time to act on the doubts I’d been having,” said Odom. She started her recruitment journey for the second time – visiting schools such as Duke, Harvard, and Clemson, but the University of Georgia ended up having everything she wanted, and she believed it would be the place to best set her up for success. “UGA checked every single box for me,” she said. “Distance from home, academics, athletics, college town and atmosphere, coaching staff and scholarship.”

As the spring approaches, Odom looks forward to the rest of her senior year and her last season playing for the Dubs. This excitement and anticipation for her final season is heightened as Odom was forced to sit out of last year’s season due to a torn ACL. She is ecstatic to partake in the traditions and excitement that come with Dubs soccer, but most of all, Odom is ready to play. “This may sound dumb, but last year was stolen from me. I missed my junior season. So more than anything, I’m so excited to play with these girls one last time,” said Odom. “There are so many traditions we have, and I’m just excited to be able to experience them again.” 

With college around the corner, Odom is thrilled about everything ahead of her. After years of sacrifice to make time for soccer, it is safe to say that her hard work has paid off. “I’ve wanted this ever since I was a little girl, and I have worked hard for it all my life,” said Odom. “The compliments and congratulations I get for it are great but just knowing I actually achieved what I dreamed of as a kid makes me proud.” 

This Dub has a bright future ahead of her. After years of discipline and perseverance, Odom has learned a thing or two, so here’s her advice to anyone working towards a dream. “If you love what you do and you can see yourself making a future out of it, don’t give up, but also don’t feel like you have to stay in it either. Always bet on yourself.” The Dubs are wishing Virginia the best of luck at UGA – but for now… Go Dubs!