Seasonal Food Favorites: Fall Edition

Fall is arguably the best time of the year. This time of year brings seasonal menus from Starbucks and other restaurants, the oh-so-loved Halloween, and last but certainly not least, Thanksgiving. Food is, without a doubt, the most thrilling part of this season. Students at North Atlanta High School most definitely take advantage of the limited availability of Autumn treats and other palatable plates in honor of many people’s favorite season.

Junior Ellie Nejedly is one of Fall foods’ biggest. She enjoys a diverse range of comestibles: If you want an edible Autumn-filled day – Nejedly has you covered from Breakfast to Dinner and even festive snacks in between. According to her, an ideal Fall breakfast would consist of a warmed Pumpkin Muffin from Trader Joe’s and a Pumpkin Spiced Chai latte from “The Read Shop”. Lunch would include mouth-watering tomato soup with grilled cheese. Lastly, for an interesting dinner – Stuffed Red Peppers. “If I had to choose a favorite, I’d have to go with pumpkin pie, but it must be served with whip cream,” she said. “Unbeatable!”

Fall does not just consist of your average pumpkin-flavored items; it can be so much more. Senior Myla Somersall has a similar view on the most enjoyable foods during Fall. Somersall takes advantage of the temperature dropping and relishes in Panera’s Tuna Soup alongside grilled cheese. For additional options, she also appreciates chili with tortilla chips, apple cider and chickpeas with grilled peppers for additional options. “One thing that stays constant for me no matter the season is Jeni’s Ice Cream,” she said. “You cannot go wrong – it’s the best dessert!”

Pumpkins do indeed take the cake (or pie) for the most sought-after flavor during this season. Over time, so many edible variations of this fruit have been created for all to enjoy – Junior Luke McCullough especially. McCullough loves pumpkin danishes, donuts, and Starbucks’ famous pumpkin loaf. “Anything that involves the word pumpkin is bound to be delicious,” he said. “I can only enjoy it this time of year, so I take advantage.”  

According to these students, there’s no better seasonal food than what Fall has to offer. This cuisine is cherished each time it makes its appearance, especially with its limited availability before holiday foods start to surface. So, be like Nejedly, Sommersall, and McCollough, and take advantage of these precious food items before the trees go bare and we wait to wait until next fall. Happy FALLidays Dubs!