No Age Limits: Teachers Join the Halloween Fun


Dr. Hasty proudly smiles as she shows off her colorful Cheshire cat costume.

The chilly breeze and change of leaves here at North Atlanta signal the thrilling holiday on the horizon: Halloween. Though the buzz surrounding spooky plans is abundant among the Dubs, students aren’t the only ones excited for Halloween night. Many NAHS teachers are just as thrilled, and perhaps even more so, to show off their costumes and participate in the festivities. 

Crafting the scariest look possible is at the top of the list for Halloween enthusiast and IB literature teacher Matthew Lundy. He finds getting into the Halloween spirit easy and loves going to haunted houses for a scary night of fun. Lundy chose his Halloween costume this year because of his link to Jason Vorhees, son of camp-cook-turned-killer in Friday the 13th, and is excited to show off his scary accessories at Netherworld. “I chose to dress up as Jason, who I have a strong connection to because I was born on Friday the 13th,” he said. 

For kids and adults alike, Halloween remains a day to spend time with friends and enjoy the excitement. Deanna Hasty, AP language and composition teacher, fondly recalls when her childhood friends would rummage through her trunk of dance outfits to find a costume. She went trick-or-treating throughout high school, even wearing trash bags with her friends one year. This year, Hasty has really upped her game and plans to take a more colorful approach with a lighthearted Cheshire cat costume. “As a kid, I loved watching the ABC version of Alice in Wonderland,” she said. “Also, the costume is purple which is my favorite color.”

Perhaps one of Halloween’s best perks is the sugar rush the night brings. Literature teacher D’Andra McPhail agrees that, in addition to his love of finding unique costumes, candy and Michael Myers are what make Halloween truly special. This year, McPhail is excited to create a Joker ensemble and thinks the makeup process should be fairly easy. “This costume has been a long time coming,” he said. “The Joker is my favorite villain. I only need a green wig to complete the outfit.”

Halloween is just around the corner, and the excitement increases by the day. Students and teachers alike are eager to show off their costumes and enjoy the candy. From scary to sparkly, one thing is for sure, this Halloween, the NAHS community plans to look fa-boo-lous!