Why I am a Formula 1 Fan and You Should Be Too


Lars Baron Getty Images

The Thrill of Victory: Max Verstappen celebrating a victory above his Red Bull car while his team celebrates.

Formula 1 is the premier open-wheel and single-seater racing organization in the world. Formula 1, or F1, is governed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, otherwise known as the FIA. The sport has always been popular in Europe, the sport’s birthplace, but has never been able to set its roots in America. That all changed when Netflix got involved.

Netflix made a Netflix original called “Drive to Survive,” which grew in popularity in America over the year-long COVID-19 quarantine period. The show is very insightful into the workings of F1 with interviews from inside personnel, known as bosses, and the drivers themselves. The drama and competitiveness endured to be the best team on the grid are astounding, as the show gives the audience an inside look at a different team in each episode, following them through race weekend and covering all the drama. “I started watching “Drive to Survive,” not knowing anything about Formula 1, but it has been interesting to see all the behind-the-scenes,” says senior Trey Fox.

There are only a few races left this season, but currently, Formula 1 is in Suzuka, Japan for the Grand Prix. This season has been action-packed, with powerhouse Mercedes appearing behind underdogs Red Bull and Ferrari. As the season continues, controversy has only escalated, from engine troubles to filling open seats. This season has been dominated by Max Verstappen, a Belgian-Dutch racer and likely driver champion with Red Bull. Verstappen seems destined to win the constructors’ cup, one of F1’s biggest races. Last season brought drama down to the last second, with the winner of the Driver’s Championship coming down to the final lap of the final race. Lewis Hamilton, a British driver, and Verstappen fought until the finish line, but it was Max who took it home.

To get into F1, I recommend it to anyone to watch “Drive to Survive.” It started as a late-night binge but quickly turned into a fandom. The show piqued my interest in the sport and acted as a catalyst for my obsession. With so many different constructors and drivers to support, it is impossible to not find someone to resonate with. Fans are so attached to their team, like Italians who support Tifosi–the name for Ferrari fans–that they will travel around the world to watch races. Tifosi supporters continue to unconditionally support the team amidst their bad strategy decisions and poor placements. With the number of car enthusiasts at North Atlanta Formula 1 can become a personal favorite for many of the Dubs.