Georgia Falls: Not Out of a Hallmark Card


Catherine Townsend

Fake Fall: Georgia’s long-lasting summer leaves Dubs aching for the classic autumnal sights and flavors of the North.

For many North Atlanta Dubs, the sweltering, sunny days of summer are filled with salty breezes, sandy toes, and vitamin D. Days customarily brimming with happy moments and not a fleeting thought towards homework. These joys can only last so long, and the end of summer can only mean one thing: the beginning of Fall scares. For many, the onset of Fall is a festive period filled with smells of cinnamon, apple cider, and red, yellow, and orange hues. And for those who despise the summer heat, fear not because the arrival of radiant fall colors comes with the cooler breezes of autumn – or so we like to think.

The season is classicly depicted on our favorite, or “comfort” TV shows. Fan favorites such as “Gilmore Girls” never fail to ignite a cozy feeling in viewers. While coats, cool weather, and cocoa might be a reality for the Gilmore Girls way up North in Connecticut, for us Southerners, however difficult it may be for us to admit, the fairytale-like Falls aren’t as much of a reality. Although Georgians may experience the occasional brisk day throughout the autumn months, nothing could compare to the esteemed months of states such as Vermont or Connecticut. “Living in Georgia my whole life, a fall full of green leaves, warm weather, and summer clothes were normal for me,” said junior Mary Martin. “It wasn’t until I traveled up North that I realized a coat was necessary for the outdoors the second the calendar changed to September 22.”

Admitting most people realize the stark contrast between the Winter months in Georgia and those in the North, the sharp distinction between the Fall months is often overlooked. Commonsensically, the differences in leaf colors provide a polarizing vision of Fall between the two regions. As if this stark visual was not enough, compare the weather. For example, the average high temperature during November in a state like Vermont is 41° Fahrenheit, while the average low temperature for a state like Georgia is 41° Fahrenheit. “Each year when Fall comes around, I always bring out my comfiest and coziest warm clothes, only to realize I would rather be wearing shorts and a t-shirt,” said junior Halle Pray.

Although Georgia may not experience the typical Fall days featured in timeless films and shows, nothing stops the Dubs from making the best of the autumn months. A Georgia fall can successfully quench our thirst for tradition, from buying fall-flavored drinks to picking pumpkins in cheery patches. However, for us Fall die-hards, boarding an airplane and traveling up North might be a safer option.