Stay Alert: You Are Entering The North Atlanta Parking Deck


Bo Thomas

Extreme Caution: Sophomore Journalism 2 student Deysy Miranda is one of many Dubs who endure the after-school perils and pitfalls of the North Atlanta parking deck.



Vroommm…Vroommm…Vroommm is all your ears hear left and right entering the North Atlanta parking deck. Once the clock strikes 3:45 p.m. on school days the students at North Atlanta know it’s go time. The students that head towards the parking deck every day after school everyone is rushing to get to their cars passing and bumping into one another as fast as they can to exit the school building and enter the parking deck. While you’re walking to your car at a fast pace to get out of the place you just spent 8 hours in, all your ears can hear is vroom… vroom…sksksksks that starts to give you a headache but it’s just the beginning.

After a long day at school with tests being taken, homework being given, headaches starting to form, stomach growling with hunger all you want to do is go eat and lay in your bed before starting to do more school-related work but it seems like everyone else around you wants the same thing. Starting chaos and maniac drivers going behind the wheel, students still walking to their cars, when you start the engine and traffic starts to form.

Students reversing their cars out of their parking spot without looking if a student is walking by almost running that student over giving them a panic and making them walk faster to their vehicle when a car gives you a chance to come out and you are now in line behind a bunch of other students racing to leave when two cars behind you a student driving a white BMW revving his car making it release a pop-pop-pop noise making your headache go crazier.

You park your car on the 4th floor in the parking deck so you have to go and drive your car through three different levels in the parking deck. With three different types of drivers that drive to school. You have the safe precautions drivers that drive like normal people then we have the new beginner drivers that drive very very slowly that get irritated when another car drives close to them then finally we have the maniac drivers who drive recklessly, they speed up, driver very close to other cars, and honk their horns. The different types of drivers all come together in one specific parking deck at North Atlanta.

After about 13 minutes of waiting in line behind other student drivers you finally see the light coming out of the parking deck. You still have others in front of you but you are finally out of the deck and there’s a stop sign that every student besides the new precautions drivers run over. Finally as the traffic starts to move again the light at the intersection goes from green to red in a very fast second leading you to stop at the red light while you have a maniac driver who just blew his horn at you for not taking the light. For some very odd reason this light on Northside Drive when everyone is trying to get out does not turn green for us it stays on red and the other light stays green for the cars passing North Atlanta. Time keeps passing, angry student drivers, light still red back with the maniac drivers who blow their horns at the light as if that’s going to make the light turn from red to green. The intersection light for us finally turns green and we can now press on the gas and finally go home after a long day at school.