World-Class Warrior: Gabriel Warrior Has That Warrior Spirit


Henry Peck

Contagious Spirit: NAHS’ own Gabriel Warrior is the Dubs’ number one fan.

Every team has a player that is the heart and soul of the group, embodying everything the team stands for. The player that always finds themself in the middle of the huddle, and providing the much-needed energy and emotion. For the Dubs, that player is Gabriel Warrior.  

Warrior is a freshman on the Dubs football team and is the squad’s official hype man. When he is not on the field or putting in the work to get better each and every day, he can be seen doing anything and everything North Atlanta has to offer. Warrior is a proud member of NAHS’ Best Buddies club, an organization dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships between individuals with and without disabilities. On the football field, he is more than willing to do anything asked of him and will do everything he can to help the team win. 

His passion for football started at a young age when he watched his brother, Ethan, play all four years of High School. Warrior wanted to emulate his brother in every way, leading him to follow a similar path to the gridiron. His mother, Karen Warrior, is incredibly grateful for her son’s success and owes it to Ethan for blazing a trail for Gabe. “I don’t know if he would be playing now without his brother,” she said. 

Warrior first put on the pads in the seventh grade, but due to the pandemic, he was sidelined along with the rest of his team. Getting the chance to play for the Sutton Cougars, his final year of Middle School, Warrior was an integral part of the Cougars’ undefeated season and playoff run to the Semi-Finals. 

Warrior jumped at the opportunity to further his playing career at North Atlanta. As a freshman, he quickly found a spot on the junior varsity roster, giving him the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of high school football. He instantly became the heart of the Dubs football brotherhood. Players, coaches, and fans would look to Warrior as a spark and source of energy on gamedays. “It was an honor to be a team captain and win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award,” said Warrior. “I am excited to play next season.” 

He is the type of player that coaches love. He is willing to work hard, sacrifice his days to get better, and would run through a brick wall if asked. Warrior truly has a warrior mentality. Football can be a grueling sport, but having a teammate like him is a bright spot for the Warriors. “I love Gabe,” said sophomore Reis Holzworth. “He is always bringing the energy and encourages us to be better every day.”

Warrior is beloved by all of his coaches and teammates. His love for the game and Warrior spirit is truly contagious. Warrior made school history this year, being the first NAHS football player with down syndrome, but Gabe Warrior’s North Atlanta legacy is just beginning.