More Time to Munch: A Bold Plan for Longer Lunches at North Atlanta


Charlie Stovin

Rushed Repast: Sophomore Journalism 2 student Henry Debardeleben has a plan lengthening the lunch periods at North Atlanta so students have more time to eat and socialize.


Right when the bell dings for the Dubs to go to lunch they all hustle down to the cafeteria as fast as possible. But these hungry Dubs are not given enough time to eat their lunch. They have 22 minutes to make it down to the lunchroom and back up to the classroom. The actual time that students have to eat is extremely limited. Students deserve to be granted a little bit more time to take a break and eat their lunch. Dubs are the hardest working students, and lunch for the kids who go the city’s best high school.

I believe that the reason for the school lunch break being so short is very easily explained. I don’t feel that the school is trying to punish students but there is simply not enough time and space. There are five lunches that take place during the 3rd period which is a one hour and 50-minute period. They set it up this way because there is not enough space in the lunchroom for more students to sit together. They utilize the cafeteria for lunch and lunch only. There is a lot of other space including the multipurpose room, the outdoor seating and even the lunch balcony. In each lunch period when I walk in, I see at least eight tables completely clear of kids and the majority of the tables are not even full. I think it’s clear to say that the school is not utilizing all of its resources and lunchroom space, which shows little care for the students’ time and brain capacity.   Despite the disregard for students’ time and headspace I believe that I have the solution for the short lunch breaks. I feel that the school could utilize the all the other eating areas including the outdoor eating area, the multipurpose room and the lunch balcony. Also the school could encourage people to sit with people they don’t know so they can minimize the amount of open seats. So now that we have opened up the new eating areas now the school needs to shrink the amount of lunch periods from five down to three lunch periods. This was not able to do previously because of the limited space but now we have more than enough space for students to comfortably eat lunch. Now that we only have three lunch periods each lunch period will have an improved 37 minutes to eat lunch. This new 37 minutes is a large improvement from the measly 22 minutes that NAHS students are used to. I hope that the school will listen to the students’ pain and heed their requests. (475)