Midnights Madness: Long Live Mastermind Taylor Swift


Sara Roman

Dear Reader: Taylor Swift enchanted everyone–including Junior Emerson Crow–on October 21st with her labyrinth of sweet nothings and heartfelt haze. Taylor Swift is nothing less than a mastermind.

On October 21st Taylor Swift said, “meet me at midnight” and sure enough, masses of fans did. Right as the clock struck 12:00am, Swift dropped her 10th studio album, Midnights. Then, three hours later, at 3:00am, she dropped an additional seven songs she coined the “3am Edition”. No more than four days later, Swift released two jaw-dropping music videos. To no one’s surprise, she broke records with her release of Midnights, including, but not limited to, creating the most streamed album in one day on Spotify and occupying all top 10 spots of the Billboard’s Hot 100. 

Taylor Swift announced the release of her new album back in August during her acceptance speech for three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards. However, no one was prepared for the album she would release on October 21st. Following a lot of anticipation, many (fake) fans were disappointed with the music they were met with. The album initially received a lot of backtalk from certain fans who were unsatisfied with the techno-pop vibe of the album. However, as days proceeded, fans came to terms with the fact that Taylor Swift never produces a bad song. Now, Swifties everywhere are going crazy over her new releases. “At first, I disliked it,” said senior Zoe Van Nostran. “However, I listened a second time and completely changed my mind.”

In this album, Swift strays from the fictional narratives in her last two albums, Folklore and Evermore, going back into the narratives of her own life. Her complicated melodies follow 13 sleepless nights throughout her life that she spent scrutinizing her mind and body. The album is full of vulnerability, following her through insecurities and lost loves, as well as revenge and confidence. The hit song “Anti-Hero” portrays Swift’s insecurities, while in “Karma” she characterizes her vindictive and edgy side. There’s a song for every Swiftie to love; the only issue is choosing the best one. “Picking my favorite song wasn’t easy,” said Junior Janie Geckler. “But it has to be You’re On Your Own, Kid.”

Spanning the past five years, Taylor Swift has released four new studio albums and two re-recordings of her albums that Scooter Braun bought. She has also released several massive lines of merchandise. Swift is known for intricately placing “easter eggs” in her social media posts and songs, which is why fans are already meticulously picking apart lyrics to find their true meaning. Some theories suggest the song “Question…?” is written about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Other speculations indicate that the “Bejeweled” music video hinted at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) as the next re-recorded album. “Taylor Swift is pure genius,” said junior Jake Curcio. 

Long story short, Taylor Swift did it again with her new album, and this surely won’t be the last time. Swift never goes out of Style as Swifties will love her Forever and Always.

Midnight Madness: Long Live Mastermind Taylor Swift