Record-Breaking: The Best Softball Season in NAHS History


The Softball Team has hit a “home run” for the best season NAHS has ever seen!

In a school with so much talent, it’s always a challenge to pick out the “best.” However, this semester, it has been clear that the most successful of the Warrior sports teams has been 3-time Region 4 6A Champions, the girl’s Varsity softball team. This team capitalized on its talented roster, but most importantly, it was a family that carried the Warrior spirit with them on and off the field. 

These Dubs have been undefeated the past three years in region play and brought North Atlanta their first softball playoff win in history. Unfortunately, their season ended in a tough loss to Grove Town in the second round of playoffs. However, this team still delivered six All-Region Players to North Atlanta, including Player of the Year, junior Leela Langston, and Pitcher of the Year, senior Cece Smith. This team has earned the right to be proud of their accomplishments after all the hard work they have put in season after season.  “We have worked our butts off year after year to get to where we are now,” said senior CeCe Smith. “The year before my freshman year, the team had won two games, and now we are a team with 28.”

Coaches Ricky Plante and Will Leonard are the men behind the scenes of the softball team. The players adore this team of coaches. Their coaching efforts are recognized at a regional level, with Coach Plante named Coach of the Year for Region 4 6A for the past two years. This power duo works day and night to provide insight on their opponents and push their players to their highest potential while maintaining an essential aspect of sports: fun. “This team was enjoyable to coach. This was by far the most talented team ever at North Atlanta,” said Coach Plante. “We hope to build on the momentum from this year and carry it onto next.” 

While their season was a success, the team is now forced to say goodbye to two key players and friends, seniors Mia Alarcon and Cece Smith. These two Dubs have played on the team all four years of high school and were captains this year. They are electric on the field: Alarcon is the starting first-base woman and standout hitter, and Smith is an All-Star Pitcher. They have served the Dubs well over their time at NAHS and have made a lasting impact on this team. “I still can’t believe my time playing for the Dubs is over. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and has shaped part of who I am,” said Mia Alarcon. “Even though it’s come to a close, I’m glad my senior season was our best yet.”

With those key players gone, the rest of the athletes know they will have to continue the legacy that is the North Atlanta softball team. They are determined to bring good energy from this season to the next and try to break even more records. Most importantly, they plan to stick to their roots and enjoy the game. For now, it’s see you next year, but forever it’s Go Dubs!