Art Honors Society’s Leads Project Sunflower


The Gift of Art: National Art Honors Society members put their talents to a new use – creating art for their beloved teacher’s new baby nursery

Art honors society has a group of highly talented artists, and this year they were able to exhibit their creative artistry in an extra pleasant surprise. At the beginning of the school year, NAHS art teacher, Mrs. Sturgess, left to have her baby girl, Alexandria. Second art teacher Mrs. Shepard gathered all the National Art Honors Society to enact Project Sunflower: students drawing and painting baby woodland creatures in pink and green as a surprise to Mrs. Sturgess when she returned from maternity leave. Upon her return, Mrs. Sturgess was thrilled to find all the beautiful pieces made for her baby girl. 

Creativity is in no short supply at North Atlanta, especially with the art honors society students. With so many students in the program, the project possibilities were endless, and students let their imaginations soar. From adorable foxes to dazzling deer, Project Sunflower was one of the students’ most delightful projects yet. “My favorite part of the project was how different students approached the assignment,” said junior Chloe Middleton. “It was really cool seeing what everyone made. I remember seeing a watercolor pink polar bear which was super cute.”

Junior Diana Mansouri is another member of the project who also found the project fun and important because of the love and support shown to Mrs. Sturgess. So many students love Mrs. Sturgess, so when given a chance to show their appreciation and support in a way involving art, they were all in. “ I think Mrs. Sturgess is one of the best teachers at NAHS,” said Mansouri. “Being able to surprise her and give her a memorable gift was so fun and enjoyable.”

With the project complete, Mrs. Sturgess now has a beautiful attraction hung up on the wall of her newborn’s room; it looks just as sweet as the incredible people who made it. Project Sunflower adds an extra touch of love and kindness to the walls of Alexandria’s nursery. Junior Jordyn Hawk also participated and found the project fun and rewarding. “I think Mrs. Sturgess loved what we made,” said Hawk. ““It was cool to help contribute to something important and special to her.”

With lovely accents of pink, green, and beige woodland animals hanging all around, a special touch of NAHS love was added to the nursery, creating a lasting memory for the students and Mrs. Sturgess.