Dispenser Dilemma: North Atlanta Does Not Roll


Taylor So

Out of Stock: Sophomore Annie Neufeld points out one of many empty toilet roll dispensers across the floors of NAHS.

With eleven stories, a large parking deck, tall windows, and an abundance of elevators, North Atlanta High School have earned a legacy for its endless accessibility – or so we thought. Despite having plenty of advanced resources, a basic need has been dwindling around the school: toilet paper. For many months, the issue has made going to the restroom problematic for most students. Warriors have become distraught, curious as to why dispensers have gone empty.

Every day, students leave during class hoping to use the restroom in only a few minutes, not missing any important content in class. However, since the toilet paper “shortage” hit the halls of NAHS, Dubs have been spending more class time on the hunt for a stall with toilet paper. “I spent twenty minutes of class going to five different bathrooms, and toilet paper was still nowhere to be found,” said sophomore Annie Neufeld.

Going to the restroom has become a tedious task for most students. The lack of toilet paper has occurred throughout all eleven stories, particularly the freshman floors of four and five. Freshman August Schmoll, among many others, feel burdened with this reality. “Every time I use the restroom, I have to check the stall, or I’ll be in an awkward situation,” said Schmoll.

Since the crisis emerged, Warriors have developed theories for the reasons behind the matter. Some believe the overbearing amount of students at North Atlanta may cause it. Others blame students for taking too much toilet paper for other intended uses. Operations Manager Joel Aitkens reveals the truth behind this phenomenon. “I order more than enough toilet paper to last weeks,” said Aitkens. “The problem is that students throw it all into the sinks or onto the ceilings.” 

Alas, the shortage is due to the excessive use of toilet paper – not for its intended purpose. Unless students change their ways, the unfortunate issue will remain relevant. Long story short: Let’s show how North Atlanta does roll and stop wasting our toilet paper!