My Love, Hate Relationship With Snapchat


Ayana Ragin

For Better or For Worse: A Review on Snapchat

Social Media is everywhere these days, and while all the various apps have flaws, there is one more evil than the rest: Snapchat. 

This app has consumed my friends and peers. They stare blankly at their screens, clicking upon photos of strangers making unnatural faces – duck lips seem to be a favorite. This obsession with taking pictures and sending them to anyone could arguably be the downfall of our generation. Maybe it’s just me, but something about people being overly obsessed with sending snaps to keep up their “streaks” is deemed as necessary as drinking water. Some dedicate a daily set time to send out a mass “snap” to all their Snapchat friends. A central feature of the app is forming relationships between people who would have otherwise never interacted. 

The most frustrating part of Snapchat is when people dare to post (perhaps negative or drama-filled things) about someone but cannot work out their problems in person. It is unkind when people try to cyber-target someone, especially when they attempt to do it somewhat nonchalantly. If you have a big enough problem with someone that you need to post about it, then confront the person face-to-face.

Furthermore, Snapchat diminishes relationships – if you can even call sending pictures back and forth a relationship. However, Snapchat does also have the ability to strengthen such relationships, and I appreciate the app tremendously for that. You can connect with your friends outside of school by sending them snap pictures, videos, and chats about various subjects that tend to intrude on the teen mind.  A recurring theme that I have witnessed is the inability of people to form a connection with an individual once face-to-face with them. It seems hiding behind a screen has that effect. Junior Herriot Parsons expressed a similar emotion to mine. Relationships on Snapchat seem to stay stagnant.  “I kind of wish that I lived in my dad’s generation,” she said. “He always talks about all the high school dates he went on and the relationships he experienced.”

I will admit I am a Snapchat user, and every now and then, I will find myself giggling behind my phone screen at my friends’ private stories. But, all in all, the cons outweigh the pros. So, why don’t we all get off of Snapchat and talk to each other? In-person streaks are so much better than digital ones. But, if the thought of saying bye to Snapchat is too much to handle, then Happy Snapping Warriors!