Return To Regularity: A Holiday Miracle


2022 Takeback: Juniors Lily Holt and Luke McCullough are ready for the return of relatively normal holiday celebrations.

As the holiday season of 2021 approached, things began looking up after two years of continuous Coronavirus chaos. However, mere weeks into the season, hopes and dreams came crashing down. COVID cases rose dramatically, and a new variant, Omicron, was discovered. The stress of the season multiplied as families had to cancel plans and mask up yet again. This year, as we enter the beloved winter season, we can cross our fingers for the first virus-free festivities; it’s been a long time coming. 

The COVID vaccine released earlier in 2021 created hope for a return to normalcy. However, just in time for the holidays, a new vaccine-resistant variant, Omicron, upended these aspirations. As temperatures dropped, infections rose to a new high. The devastating discovery left people with no choice but to spend Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and many other holidays, under painful circumstances. The influx of the virus meant a holiday season confined to a house, taking the phrase, ”there’s no place like home for the holidays” a little too literal. “My family was supposed to go to Mexico,” said junior Olivia Granot. “But we had to cancel because my whole family got COVID.”

Last year, many friends and family found themselves secluded in their rooms at the worst possible time. As lights went up, sales came out, and wish lists went in, the world shut down. The holiday season was on the fritz. Quarantining through the holidays certainly isn’t jolly and bright, and many North Atlanta students would agree, “My family opened Christmas presents outside while wearing masks,” said junior Maggie Cronin. “It definitely diminished the Christmas spirit.” 

2022 is the time to rejoice and return to tradition, which means things are coming in full swing as festive fundamentals make a comeback: airlines open up to travel, stores open their doors, and extended families find themselves in close quarters once again. Though stockings will no longer be stuffed with COVID tests and masks, it remains necessary to take precautions. This time around, things will be different as the effects of the virus subside and the holiday spirit thrives.