Ultimate Holiday Playlist: Dub’s Style


Junior Taylor Mosley shares her festive holiday tunes with little brother, Miles.

Whether it be immediately when the clock strikes midnight on November 1st or right as the last slice of turkey is consumed on Thanksgiving, we as a society love to listen to Holiday music as soon as the season begins (or maybe even a bit before). It’s just human nature at this point. From Bublé to Bieber, the Dubs share their takes on this fan-favorite musical genre.

The seasonal hits of Michael Bublé and the holiday classics such as Jingle Bells, the Dreidel Song, and Sleigh Ride are definite must-haves on a seasonal hits playlist. Whether it’s in the car on the way to school or while you sit down for Christmas dinner, these tunes are perfect for any time during the holiday season. The Dubs love these holiday classics for varying reasons, with some bringing good memories and others being all-time favorites. “My preferred classic holiday song is Silent Night,” said junior Dylan Toliver. “My favorite time of the year is when we sing this at Christmas Eve mass every year. It’s just so beautiful and shows how the holidays are about more than gifts.”

Finals cause December to be stressful for students, so many turn to their favorite holiday tunes to destress. To bring back that childhood, carefree feeling that is dearly missed during these tense times, Dubs find themselves listening to nostalgic childhood songs such as those from How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. “The song that brings me the most nostalgic holiday feeling is the ‘Suite from the Polar Express’,” said junior Dawson Sharma. “Watching this movie at Holiday parties in elementary school was my favorite part of the year, and this song brings me back to 2010 when my biggest worry was if I was on the nice or naughty list.”

No holiday playlist is complete without the infamous tunes of Mariah Carey, such as “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” For many, this is the song they first listen to as a kickoff to the holiday season. Although some teens love the nostalgic feeling of the classics, others can be found jamming out to more modern pop holiday hits. “If I had to choose my go-to holiday song, it would have to be a tie between Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber and Santa Baby by Ariana Grande,” said senior Eliza Huntz. “These are perfect pop hits for the season to get people in the holiday spirit.”. 

So, whether it’s the Nutcracker soundtrack, Pentatonix, or Feliz Navidad, all the Dubs will definitely enjoy some festive music on their daily drive to school throughout the holiday season. While the students of North Atlanta have different tastes in this seasonal genre, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the Dubs love holiday music.