HOSA: How Healthcare Heroes Are Made


NAHS HOSA: The future leaders of American healthcare meet with a purpose.

By the time many students get to high school, they have a vague idea of what career field they want to go into. While many students may decide to change their minds, there are always those who are locked in and ready to get a head start on pursuing their dreams. This is what HOSA, otherwise known as Healthcare Occupation Students of America, helps to achieve. The Warriors who participate in this club oftentimes go on to excel in health-related fields both throughout college and their time in the work field.

HOSA, which meets every other Thursday, completes a variety of activities every meeting, typically preparing the group for a state-wide health competition. When not preparing for competition, these students hear from guests in the medical field about how to succeed in the discipline and general healthcare information. The club offers the opportunity to earn volunteer hours by going to events and advocating for equality in the healthcare field, a bonus for the club members involved. These activities help HOSA achieve its goal of educating high schoolers about healthcare-related fields and how to be prepared for these occupations. Sara Young, a sophomore who’s been part of the club for two years, has found herself enjoying all things HOSA. “I love the competition aspect of it,” said Young. “It’s cool to be working towards my career while I’m still in high school.”

Within the student-led club, there are many roles to participate in. From president, to historian, to secretary, the club makes sure all of its members have the opportunity for an active role within HOSA. These students help to run the club and lead them through their daily agenda. While HOSA is mostly a student-run club, their teacher sponsor, Aruna Kailasa, helps maintain order throughout the club meeting time. Mia Hsu, president and co-founder of HOSA at NAHS, said, “I wish more students knew that you don’t have to have your future figured out to join HOSA because it’s a really fun club and we’re working to expand the different activities we do.”

HOSA may be small, but it is quite mighty. The club influences the future of American healthcare to bring positive changes to our community. They organize many volunteer days, ranging from helping with blood drives to educating the community on the healthcare system. Many students looking to go into the healthcare field have found themselves benefiting from being a part of the club and attending all of the activities that come with it. Even if you don’t want to be in healthcare, by joining HOSA you could meet new friends, gain new experiences, and even hit your volunteer hour requirement.