Stuffing, Turkey, and Beyond: Dubs’ Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes


Cate Shaughnessy

Time to feast: North Atlanta students love all things Thanksgiving- especially the feast. The question is, what foods do they prefer over others?

To many, Thanksgiving is a time of rest and moments spent with loved ones. However, there is a common unity among those who celebrate the fall holiday. Whether Dubs are traveling or staycationing, a crucial part of Thanksgiving is the meal. From simple store-bought treats to extravagant, home-cooked meals, there is something for everyone to enjoy this Thanksgiving break. The Dubs have provided us with Warrior-certified grub that needs to be on your plate this holiday season.


“Out of all the delicious Thanksgiving food, turkey always takes the cake for me. It’s something you have every year, and I can never get enough of it.” – Jackson Pechter

“Baked mac-and-cheese is what I look forward to each Thanksgiving. However, it must be baked or homemade – Kraft doesn’t cut it.” – Augustin Cox

“The sugar cookies from Publix hit around this time of year. People don’t understand the hype, but I would rather eat those cookies than any that my family bakes.” – Dylan Mulqueen


“After dinner, pumpkin pie is my all-time favorite dessert. Not only that, I think it might even be my favorite food. Having it around Thanksgiving time makes the season exponentially more enjoyable.” – John Underwood

“Green bean casserole is hands down the best Thanksgiving dinner side dish. Many people don’t like it, but it’s hands down better than plain green beans.” -Jake Nelson

“I don’t understand people who prefer pumpkin pie over apple pie, AKA the best pie ever. Kate, my sister, definitely makes the best apple pie around. I think everyone should get a taste of it.” – Ben Henley


“Along with turkey, having delicious stuffing is an essential part of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s simple but delicious and makes a huge difference in the overall meal.” – Jake Curcio

“If done correctly, mac-and-cheese is the best part of my Thanksgiving dinner. Not any boxed brand, but the homemade type that clogs your arteries, you know?” – Joey Nievera

“Personally, a Thanksgiving staple is rich and creamy mashed potatoes. They are a delicious palette cleanser, and I love them after a big feast.” – India Motley


“Bread and butter. That’s it. It’s always good, but you can never go wrong with some warm bread on chilly Thanksgiving nights.” – Caroline Clippinger

“Whenever I see my Aunt Lindsay over Thanksgiving, we make mashed potatoes. They remind me of her, and it’s been our little tradition for years.” – Paige Clayton

“This might be basic, but I love a bowl of mac-and-cheese like most people. I don’t care if it’s made from scratch or a box mix; I need it at the Thanksgiving table.” – Trey Fox

The Dubs’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes for 2022 are delicious staples that must be on your plate. While some enjoyed more traditional Thanksgiving food, some unexpected meals delighted Dubs. Ranging from treats you can buy in-store to meals that take hours to prepare, North Atlanta students did not disappoint at their annual Thanksgiving festivities.