Ho-Ho-Holiday Movies: Ranking Everyone’s Seasonal Favorites


Favorite Festive Films: What holiday movie takes the cake as the best of the season?

The holiday season has officially arrived. Holiday music is blasting everywhere, shopping has begun, and families and friends are rewatching their favorite holiday movies. From classic movies like “Elf,” “Home Alone,” and “Frosty the Snowman,” there is a surplus of movies to choose from for a festive viewing party. The hardest part? Picking which one to watch. Even with endless options, North Atlanta students seem to have no trouble voicing their opinions about which movie is the best of them all. 

With over 300 million viewers every year, almost everyone knows of the infamous “Home Alone” Christmas movie series. For many, this series takes the #1 spot as the best Christmas movies ever. The hilarious comedy – from the main character, Kevin’s, set of traps against the burglars to the burglars yelling “Kevin” as loud as possible – causes the movies to never get old. “I love Home Alone because it’s a classic. I feel like the characters are relatable,” said junior Sascha Wright. “The plot is amazing, and I think it really captures the childlike freedom of being home alone.”

Another widely loved movie is the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas”, a favorite no matter the age. In the movie, the main character Jack Skellington realizes his enjoyment of Christmastown after getting bored of Halloween. Twenty-nine years later, this classic still warms people’s hearts. Junior Diana Mansouri is one person who is an adamant supporter of this being the best Christmas movie. “I love the plot of the movie and the characters. I love how Jack Skellington has character development, and there is even some romance in it,” she said. “It also includes some Halloween aspects, so overall, I would say the movie is chef’s kiss.”

If you’re feeling a case of the bah humbugs, the Grinch might be the perfect movie for you. It will make you smile and maybe even grow your heart a few sizes. The Grinch’s resentment of Christmas remains popular and adds many laughs to the holiday season. “I don’t watch many Christmas movies,” said Rio Garcia. “But if I do, I always watch the Grinch because it’s funny, and he’s the best main Christmas character.”

So Dubs, next time you’re Home Alone, don’t be The Grinch, invite some friends and family over to indulge in some holiday favorites. The only real Nightmare Before Christmas would be watching no Christmas movies this holiday season. Happy Holidays Dub!