Which is Superior: Thanksgiving or Christmas?


Battle of the Holidays: Thanksgiving or Christmas? Who’s crowned the best?

Winter is quickly approaching and people are starting to get into the holiday spirit. In fact, many started as soon as Halloween ended. However as we continue into the month of November excitement continues to spread to more families and individuals. Of course, this includes the wonderful students of North Atlanta HIgh School. While students get ready for their upcoming breaks from school, they also await the two major holidays of the fall (and beginning of winter) semester: Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both holidays allow for a time of joy and wonder, while families traditionally gather under a roof where life can just be appreciated and enjoyed. Both important and loved traditions around the world, so why not take for some competition. Which is better? Does joy come with a turkey, or does it come with presents? The answers are actually pretty one-sided.

Despite Thanksgiving having not passed yet, some students already have a Christmas tree up in their homes. With this, their response followed as expected. “Folks wait all year for Christmas. Thanksgiving’s just not on that level,” said senior Aiyana Smalley. 

Others put Christmas over because of the perks it comes with. Those that Thanksgiving just does not. “For Christmas, you get presents, decorations, and two weeks off school. There’s no comparison,” said senior Carson Anderson.

The ones that don’t prefer Christmas over Thanksgiving seem to have no preference. It may not be worse than Christmas, but it isn’t better. “Both are fine. It depends on what I do for each holiday,” said senior Eugene Smith.

Despite Christmas being the obvious choice over Thanksgiving for most, both holidays are definitely worth having. They allow families to come together and share good memories for at least a couple times throughout the year. There will be merit to that whether it’s done in November or December. At any rate, they both get points for allowing a break from school.