Students Make Plans For the Upcoming MLK Weekend


Ayana Ragin

Junior Rahanna Little and Sophomores Kyndall Weathers and Gabrielle Monplayisir plan to go to the mall and grab lunch over the extra long weekend!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: a federal holiday recognized amongst schools all across America. Indirectly rewarding students with a long weekend and universally providing a shorter work week. It is a day dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. himself and his undeniable work of activism during the Civil Rights Movement. Many use this day to participate in acts of service to honor his legacy, while others use it to relax and hang out with friends and family. 

Community service is a common action many take on the third Monday in January in Tribute to MLK. The opportunity arises for individuals to partake in activities within one’s community, such as food drives, coat drives, planting trees, and donating to other non-profit organizations. Junior Lily Holt plans to volunteer at Hands-On ATL, a food distribution event. Holt initially heard about the opportunity through Ms. Boykin’s 11th Grade Newsletter. “I felt like it was an appropriate time to volunteer, with it being MLK Weekend,” she said. “It’s also the perfect chance to get more service hours.” 

Some students will jet off for a weekend out-of-town, whether skiing or heading up the mountains. However, for some, sports practices and tournaments will take priority this weekend. Volleyball teams in the Southern United States region will be gearing up for Lil’ Big South Volleyball Tournament. Junior Annabelle Whitehead is preparing for a long weekend of competition. Playing three games daily starting Saturday, this event will take up the entirety of the weekend. This is an annual MLK weekend event for Whitehead, so it’s nothing new.  “It’s our first tournament, and I’m expecting it to be a lot of fun,” she said. “I am looking forward to it, and I hope the team does well!” 

Many students and teachers are approaching this particular weekend like any other; utilizing it as a reset before the upcoming work week. IB Spanish and French teacher Philippe Maury plans to enjoy the extra time off indulging in his hobbies. If it must rain, Maury will stay inside and paint, maybe enjoying a movie or two. If the weather holds, he will do yard work, trimming his palm and banana trees. “I hope to go to my local flea market and get lots of rest,” he said. “I am really looking forward to the free time.”

Both students and teachers always welcome the occasional long weekend as extra time to decompress. However, whether you spend your time resting, vacationing, or serving the community, take at least one moment this long weekend to reflect on why it was set in the first place.