Wanderlust Warriors: Dubs Anticipate Winter Break Adventures


Evann Segal

Vacation-Hungry Dubs: Shortly after a pleasant holiday break, Warriors gear up for a one-week stint of vacations and staycations alike.

With the start of a new semester, Dubs are experiencing the pressure of academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. The busy nature of the New Year and the challenge of adjusting to a new schedule can take a toll on a teenager’s body, and the transition from a two-week holiday vacation brought the blues. Many are, therefore, eager for an additional break from school in light of an adapted 2022-23 Atlanta Public Schools (APS) calendar. Dubs excitedly await the break beginning the 20th of February, a one-week opportunity for out-of-school adventures.

Dubs plan to take advantage of the bonus break by catching up with friends, new and old. Junior Jack Lyon is anticipating the day when he can reconnect with an old friend, Bryson Wells. Wells attended North Atlanta until last year, when his family moved to Aspen, Colorado. With a cross-country flight ahead of him, Lyon is grateful for the seven days off of school to support his upcoming trip to the West. “Skiing feels like the most appropriate way to spend my winter break,” said Lyon. “I don’t ski often, but Bryson will show me the ropes, and we will have plenty of time to hit the slopes.”

In contrast to Lyon, junior Kate Warren is planning on living it up with her family in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has a loaded warm-weather itinerary – complete with snorkeling, tanning, and cave hikes. The trip to United States territory will be her first time out of the domestic US, and Warren is eager to explore the rich food and culture of the tropical location. “I’ve seen many pictures of Puerto Rico on social media, and the beauty is unreal,” said Warren. “The trip will be the perfect second-semester escape.”

For other Dubs, staycations are the way to go for this bonus break. As many students return to the dynamic of North Atlanta’s rigorous workload, staying home, relaxing, and exploring new hobbies are coveted luxuries. To further entice Warriors, The city of Atlanta is abundant with engaging activities and opportunities. Junior Major Adams plans on advancing his passions and earning cash this break, recently applying for a job at Firehouse Subs. But when he’s not on the job, Adams can be found playing the drums or jamming on his guitar. “Music is my escape from the demands of school,” said Adams. “I’m planning to take advantage of the break by honing my musical skills and using the free time wisely.”

Snowy slopes, white sand beaches, and dreams of relaxation dance in Dubs’ heads as they count down the days until another well-deserved break. Whether students catch up on hobbies or experience new adventures, winter break is bound to be a hit.