A New Year for the Dubs: How Did Warriors Spend their Holiday Break?


WIth the holiday break having passed, students are now getting accustomed to being back in the building and continuing their rounds of school work. That said, it may be a bit harder to do so. Instead of the usual one week that’s given for breaks from school, this one lasted for a lengthy two weeks. With how much time that was given, it’s expected that some students would have done something interesting relative to their daily life during the time off. Although, it could also be the case that some just did more of what they would have been doing anyway during the weekends. At any rate, the only way to determine what was done over break is by asking the students of North Atlanta themselves. 

Considering the extended period of free time that two weeks allows for, some students took the opportunity to travel outside the state and experience a new place. Certainly, that’s one thing that you wouldn’t be able to pack into a weekend. Depending on where you travel to, especially if it’s international, it can even be hard to pack it into a week. Either way, this long break allowed some students to do so. “I went to Miami to visit my grandparents, so that was cool. It’s too hot down there for it being winter, though,” said sophomore Christian White.

Travel isn’t the only thing that students did with their free time, though. Some spent the break doing things such as sleeping in, working, or hanging out with friends. So… they did nothing special. However, just having the freedom to use your time in any way you want during the time off still has value on its own, even if it isn’t spent doing something crazy. “Um… I worked. I didn’t really do anything. I was just enjoying the time away from school,” said sophomore Caitlin Winchester.

Whether students spent their time off working, traveling, or resting, the break was definitely something that was appreciated. Not only did they have time to reset in order to prepare for the next semester of academics, but they were given a chance to take some time for themselves and others. Considering Christmas and the New Year passed during this time, many probably gathered with their family, as well. The only thing to look forward to now is the next break happening in February.