New Year’s Eve: Overhyped and Way Too Pressurized?


Many Dubs are over the constant festivities surrounding the transition into the new year.

“New year, same me” seems to be a new normal as many of us enter into 2023. Many people just don’t see a reason to change anymore. What’s so special about the holiday anyway? We spend the night like any regular weekend — with friends, music, and celebrations. The only thing NYE brings to the table is our ingenuine intentions to better ourselves in the following year. We also have overpriced food, crowded restaurants, and the overwhelming pressure to have the most fun night you’ve had all year. And that sparkly dress you paid way too much for? It’s now sitting in the back of your closet, never to be seen again. Looking past all of the glittery illusions surrounding this holiday, the truth is clear: New Year’s Eve is just not that special. Although some of the Dubs do enjoy getting out and having a good time, some also agree that the night of December 31st is just another way for us to celebrate our resolutions that we know we’ll never stick to. 

The most unique quality about New Year’s Eve as an event is that it’s often centered around the idea that in the next year, bad habits will be gone and changes will be made. The reality, however, is forgotten intentions to eat healthier and stop procrastinating. Sophomore Molly Mukerji doesn’t like the idea of having to change something in the new year, or that there’s so much pressure to stick to those unrealistic goals. “Being stressed about our goals and sticking to them only makes them less achievable,” she said. “And to be fair, we literally separate one year from the next over a few hours. That hardly seems like a long enough time for us to suddenly become the next Elon Musk.” 

Besides the cold, crowded streets of New York City’s Times Square being used for the Ball Drop, there are not really any events that separate New Year’s Eve from any other party-filled night. Some even think that the holiday is overmarketed in the media to generate more purchases from the public. Sophomore Adeline Briggs knows this is true, as her night was filled with overpriced food and drinks. “I can’t believe I paid as much as I did just for a piece of pizza,” she said. “Surely, the last pizzas made in 2022 are not worth more than the average slice.” 

Regardless of all of the glitz and glamour, New Year’s is just another transition from one day to the next. Nothing needs to change, and the only resolution we should be worried about is staying joyful. Happy 2023 Dubs!