A Dub Goes Division I: Pierce Adamson Commits to Georgia Southern


Henry Peck

Par for the course: Those who know Pierce, saw his success coming.

Of the over 8,000 qualified high school golfers, only about half obtain a scholarship to play at a Division One (D1) program. For junior Pierce Adamson, the odds were meaningless numbers, committing to Georgia Southern University, a top-25 golf program in the country. His hardwork both on and off the green enabled him to commit as a junior, a feat very few athletes can reach. 

Adamson’s work ethic is unparalleled. Academically, he holds himself to the highest standards and on the green he puts in hours upon hours to perfect his craft. Friends, family, and teachers alike all agree that Adamson is more deserving than anyone. According to teammates and peers, he draws comparisons to the late Kobe Bryant, having a killer instinct and an undeniable drive to win. His willingness and desire to improve has put him in a league of his own. “His work ethic is absurd. There is no other way of putting it,” said classmate and friend Myers Allen. “He is one of the most talented people I know and definitely the most driven, and that goes far beyond golf.”

Golfing as a member of the Professional Golfing Association, better known as the PGA, is Adamson’s ultimate goal, and following his commitment to Southern, he is one step closer to golfing with the world’s best. Adamson’s lofty goals are a suprise to no one given his history of success on the golf course. He has been swinging the clubs for as long as he can remember, but took his talent to actual tournaments at the age of six. “I was practically born with a plastic club in my hand,” he said.

Adamson’s combination of natural talent and hard work is a dangerous duo. Growing up, Adamson also loved playing baseball and basketball and his work on the diamond and the hardwood translated well to golf. At just age 17, his high swing velocity and power leads to his 300 plus yard drives and precision on the green. “I loved everything I played from baseball to basketball, but golf has my heart,” he said. 

Adamson is a rare and special talent with potential through the roof. Being just a junior, he is going to be a leader for the Dubs and a star for many years to come.