Senioritis: The Real Pandemic for Class of 2023


Seniors Mallory Jackson and John Gibson are two of many in the Class of ’23 that are struggling to combat the spreading senioritis.

With everything that’s been on the news the past few years about different illnesses and viruses, North Atlanta’s seniors have learned to see the symptoms and detect the beginning of a problem. One thing they’ve missed though, is senioritis. This disease is exclusive to the students of Class of 2023 in their last year of high school and threatens more than a ‘handful’ of seniors at North Atlanta.

Senioritis is commonly displayed through lack of motivation which leads to a spike in absences and a drop in grades. After three and a half years of nonstop school, the seniors of NAHS are burnt out and senioritis is spreading like wildfire. Senior Emma Gleason never expected to be affected by this mindset, as she had always been a motivated student. After Christmas break, though, she feels there is no reason to keep up her straight-A streak. “I’ve already applied and been accepted to colleges, so I don’t need to keep pushing myself,” she said.

Many seniors are showing up late because their mental exhaustion has become physical. Pajama pants and Ugg slippers are the most common attire for the oldest Warriors. First period is a suggestion for many and schoolwork is something just done in free time. Teachers are attempting to motivate their students by providing breaksdurong class time, but that’s only effective if the students show up in the first place.

Seniors such as Parren Underwood sometimes choose sleep over school and don’t see the reason seniors should even be here. Since many have already been accepted to college, what’s the point? “I just don’t feel like there’s any consequences for missing school now,” she said. “My mind is already on college.”

Everywhere you look, an unmotivated senior can be seen. Senioritis is usually used as a joking term, but it is a very real problem for the 12th graders of NAHS. Teachers feel discouraged by their senior’s unwillingness to learn while seniors feel generally checked out of high school. Senior Loriame Vaquer says “as soon as I got my first college acceptance, high school was in the rearview.”

While there is no cure for second semester senioritis, students would argue that teachers should allow them to mentally check out after Christmas break. The finish line is finally in reach after four years and the seniors are tired of running.