The More, The Merrier: The Lives of Multi-Sport Student Athletes at NAHS


Next Level Multitasking: Junior Anna Samuelson manages to play three varsity sports throughout the school year.

Student-athletes are already held to high standards and expected to be well-balanced and motivated. They have unavoidably busy schedules as they try to keep up with the rigor of school while simultaneously playing a sport. Some high-achieving students bring this to a whole new level, participating in more than one sport throughout the school year. These multisport athletes are consistently working, giving themselves little to no breaks. It is a task that not everyone can fulfill, but these athletes defy the odds and leave everyone impressed with their abilities. 

One of these dedicated Dubs is junior Xaden Benson, a member of the varsity football and baseball teams. He has undoubtedly made a mark in these sports, being an extremely valuable player and teammate. He has had many accomplishments in both and continues to impress everyone who keeps up with his athletic career. On top of that, he manages exceptional grades and makes it all look easy. “I love the sports that I play and all of the people I get to see when I’m there,” he said, “it also just gives me something to do after school when I would normally just be sitting at home bored.”  

Junior Anna Samuelson pushes the envelope even more, accomplishing something seemingly impossible by being a member of three varsity sports. She is committed to the dive, lacrosse, and gymnastics teams, competing at the varsity level in each one. Balancing a social life, IB school work, and various sports is demanding, but these Dubs manage to get it done season after season. “It is absolutely challenging, but I love it,” Samuelson said. “Sports have been an outlet for me for as long as I can remember, and I love being a part of a team. Managing my time can be tricky, but I make sure to prioritize what is important and take time for myself when I can.” 

Playing sports with overlapping seasons is difficult and requires careful planning, as competitive events can land in the same week. For junior Hope Hallet – a varsity diver, gymnast, and soccer player – practices sometimes land on the same days leading to especially late nights. As a result, she has had to develop strategies to prioritize her important schoolwork and has made it her best effort to avoid procrastination as much as possible. “It can get stressful to keep up with everything, but I love doing it and don’t know what I would do without these sports.”  

With relentless dedication, these students go above and beyond, making the absolute most of their high school years. Multi-talented Dubs are certainly the ones to be on the lookout for throughout each sports season as they continue to impress and showcase their countless talents game by game.