Lovey or Lonely: Dubs’ Take on Valentine’s Day


Heriot Parsons

Juniors Kelly Reyes-Cruz and Brooke Robinson may both be Warriors but they have very different opinions on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The month of February has lots to celebrate each year: Mardi Gras, Groundhog Day, Presidents’ Day, and, of course, Valentine’s Day. Crushes, candy, capitalism, and way too many tacky commercials come along with this widely controversial holiday. Although some people harbor an undying love for Valentine’s Day, some hate it so much they refuse to celebrate it. Since opinions about this holiday are controversial, let’s take a look at what the Dubs think.

Those that love this holiday do so for many different reasons, including the cute presents, the history, and the nostalgic feeling that comes with all the hearts and romance. Some Dubs go as far as to say that they are “in love” with this day of love. This adoration may be for surface-level reasons like gifts, but it could also be because of what the holiday stands for. “I love Valentine’s Day because it reminds me of the number of people in my life that I love and care about,” said senior Maggie Koontz. “It’s not just a celebration of romantic relationships, but about friendship.”

However, typically when Valentine’s Day is mentioned, there are some groans and eye rolls from the nay-sayers of this holiday. Some choose to hate it due to the feelings of loneliness it invokes. Others hate the pressure and over-anticipation of a mediocre holiday. “It’s not that I hate Valentine’s Day; I actually do like the idea behind it. But I feel like it typically ends in disappointment for many people because of the high expectations,” said junior Luke McCullough. “It also reminds people of what they lack in life instead of the love they do have.”

There are many ways to celebrate this holiday without going all out and without a significant other. A popular choice is with a Galentine’s night. This could be an elaborate dinner or just enjoying the company of friends. Another way to enjoy Valentine’s day would be to decrease the pressure and make it about loving family, friends, or even yourself. “My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to make it about the most important kind of love: self-love,” said junior Olivia Granot. “It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but taking it as a day to prioritize me and relax makes the holiday much more bearable.”  

Valentine’s is a day of love. So, if you love it, hate it, or feel someway in between, this holiday is still a great excuse to show loved ones how much they mean to you and to realize how lucky we are to have these people in our lives. Whether with your significant other, best friend, parents, or yourself, take this day to celebrate any type of love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dubs!